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Writing & Poetry

2006 saw the publication of two* magnificent titles in association with Burke's Peerage Books: Prestonpans History and The Murals Trail and Art Treasures of Prestonpans. In 2007 Graeme Cruickshank's excellent authoritative study of Prestonpans Pottery appeared and in 2008 Off The Wall Art in Prestonpans.

In association with the Battle of Prestonpans Heritage Trust Arran Johnston's anthology of literature surrounding the battle, Rebellious Scots to Crush was published, and Robert Cadell's analysis of Sir John Cope and the Rebellion of 1745 [1898] was reprinted.In 2010 Arran Johnston's psychoanalysis of The Prince Valour Does not Wait was published to coincide with the completion and touring across the nation of The Prestonpans Tapestry - whose Guidebook of 272 pp full colour appeared in August that year.

In association with the Prestoungrange Arts Classes, 100 Paintings was published to celebrate the Gothenburg's Centenary in 2008.

2008 saw the publication of the first two novels under the Cuthill Press fiction imprint, A Backward Glance by Sharon Dabell and The White Rose and the Thorn Tree by Roy Pugh.  In 2009 a third followed from Gordon Prestoungrange, A Baron's Tale.

*An editorial team led by Annemarie Allan [initially by Jane Bonnar], was responsible for the creation of the 800 pages of local historical research regularly published in the Historical Booklet Series and now finally completed as the above title Prestonpans History. The second major work above is an art book containing all the murals in the town and much more as at June 2006.

N.B.  All the above titles are available online here at The Shop Online button to the left.

Court Library

A referenced library of Scottish and Baronial titles is held in the Court at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

Robert Louis Stevenson's Catriona

In partnership with the Robert Louis Stevenson Club in Edinburgh, the scenes in Catriona that RLS penned telling of David Balfour's anguish and career ambitions surrounding the Appin Murder, have been captured as a play of four scenes edited by Annemarie Allan. They focus on his relationship with perhaps the most distinguished holder of the Barony of Prestoungrange, William Grant, Lord Prestoungrange, Lord Advocate in the years immediately following the unsuccessful 1745/ 1746 Campaign of Prince Charles Edward to regain the thrones of Scotland and of England for the Stuarts..

It was first performed on Barons' Day November 28th 2006, at Prestoungrange House, by the Meanwhile Players, the Arts Festival's resident theatre company.

The script with a narrative introduction by Ian Nimo is linked here:  The 'Greening' of David Balfour


John Lindsay, Bard and Poet Laureate to the Arts Festival creates outstanding new verse for major Arts Festival and Baronial events.

          -  The Ruin of Auld Fowlers

          -  Death of the Pandores Oyster

  • White Gold - on the arrival of Cistercian 'Monks' via Salters' Walk from Newbattle Abbey to collect their ancient salt tithe: June 20th 2009
  • All in a Mare's Nest - at the 2009 Hallowe'en Remembrance of the 81 Witches of Prestonpans
  • A Baron's Prayer - given for all Scotland's Barons assembled at Edinburgh Castle for their Annual Banquet on November 28th 2009
  • The Day the Park Smiled - recalling Miners' Gala Day 1953 in Cuthill Park as inspiration for Murals Fest 2010 in that same Park - June 2010
  • Pandores Oysters have been reported again in the Forth. Laureate seeks them out: Pandores Quest [Episode 1]    
  • Auld Fowler's HQ's wrought iron gate was saved during demolition, restored by Lynne Schroder, and rehung at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg on the 1st anniversary - April 21st 2010 -       The Brewer's Gate                 
  • In celebration of the completion on July 26th 2010 of the world's longest tapestry by 200+ volunteers stitchers across the nation, The Prestonpans Tapestry, two poems and vaudeville theatre were created viz. In Woven Strands of History; La Tapisserie du Prince et de Prestonpans; Eulogie.



When the 81 Witches of Prestonpans were pardoned by the Barons' Courts of Prestoungrange and Dolphinstoun in July 2004 the Courts declared that they should be remembered annually at The Caput. The Arts Festival resolved to accomplish this by inviting Roy Pugh to write for public presentation each Hallowe'en a cycle of three plays as follows:

THE 'ARTS ARISING' ... from The Battle of Prestonpans 1745

In partnership with the Battle of Prestonpans 1745 Heritage Trust, the Arts Festival is creating a series of new 'Living History' works as well as collating and celebrating the inspirational flowering of the arts which Victory at Prestonpans by Prince Charles Edward September 21st 1745 inspired under the banner of ' Victory Hope & Ambition'. The first of these was a new pageant of poetry, theatre and written and narrated by Aberlady-born leading Scottish playwright Andrew Dallmeyer, premiered June 8th 2007 at Prestongrange Church and later taken on tour across East Lothian and to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008. It included new poetry and songs from John Lindsay. In 2008 Andrew Dallmeyer's second play was premiered during July 2009 for The Homecoming and Clan Exhibition in Prestonpans. In 2010 as the Prestonpans Tapestry was completed telling the epic story of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Victory at Prestonpans, vaudeville theatre including new poetry was scripted by John Lindsay and premiered on July 26th.