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Scottish Pipes and Traditional Music

Court Composer and Master of Musick

Lindsay Davidson, the distinguished bagpiper, holds office as Court Composer & Master of Pipe Musick. He was previously Town Piper for Linlithgow and Head of the Davidson School of Piping training over 200 young people as pipers.

He is always present at significant Prestoungrange Arts Festival events but is more particularly responsible for encouraging composition and music throughout the community.

  A selection of his own music playing with the String Orchestra of Poland is available on CD - Philharmonic Bagpipes (2003).


The Arts Festival also sponsors the Prestonpans Pipes and Drums, for young people in the vicinity, and they play at many Arts Festival events throughout the year.


Davy Steele's Music

The late Davy Steele is one of the best known musicians from Prestonpans, and two of his CD's are available for sale from The Prestoungrange Gothenburg or here online.


To of his most famous traditional songs, Johnnie Moat and Rose O' Summerlee, are linked here online.

Greentrax Prestonpans CD Selection

Greentrax, one of Scotland's leading recording studio's for traditional music, as made this unique collection of music from Prestonpans and East Lothian for the Arts Festival.

It can be purchased at the Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

  Track Listing
  1. Here's a Health Tae The Sauters and Cajun Two Step - Ceolbeg
  2. Farewell Tae The Haven - The McCalmans
  3. Johnnie Cope - Ceolbeg
  4. Jimmy Waddell and the Battle of the Somme - Malinky
  5. Heave Ya Ho - Drinkers Drouth
  6. Fisherrow - Heritage
  7. Wha'll Dreg A Buckie - Drinkers Drouth
  8. Caller Oysters (Poem) - Robin Laing
  9. Muir and The Master Builder - Dick Gaughan
  10. The Collier's Way - Ceolbeg
  11. The Rolling Hills of The Borders - The McCalmans
  12. The Yew Tree - Dick Gaughan
  13. The Forth Bridge Song - Robin Laing