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Publishing Online

The Baron Courts has since 1998 published a range of new books and made many out-of-print titles of interest available online at Prestoungrange University Press. In particular, the Historical Series has created a score of 10,000 word monologues that have inspired many of the murals.

The Barons are also closely involved with Burke's Peerage & Gentry and in 2001 published the 19th edition of The Landed Gentry: The Kingdom in Scotland at the Industrial Heritage museum. Burke's services are also available online also for a modest daily/annual subscription. In 2003 they published the 107th Edition of Burke's Peerage of Baronetage, launched at the House of Lords in Westminster which was followed by World Orders of Knighthood & Chivalry and The Landed Gentry for The Ridings of York, The Principality of Wales and the North West. Associated titles have been London's Waterfront at the Millennium, Right Royal Bastards and Lordly Cartoons.

Hard copy editions of these publications are available for sale at the Gothenburg as are CD's of The music of Davy Steele and a selection of traditional songs of East Lothian.

Finally, the Royal Musselburgh Golf Club published its 225 year history and some of the fine trophies and pictures are here on line. Please order copies directly from the club at Prestoungrange House, Prestonpans.

Since the 2006 Global Mural Arts and Cultural Tourism Congress held in Prestonpans, the Arts Festival has expanded its publishing programme with Burke's Peerage - capturing all the best of the arts in Prestonpans and anthologies and more.  It also now works in partnership with the Battle of Prestonpans 1745 Heritage Trust publishing programme.

All books created are on sale here at the Boutique - Shop Online button to the left on the page.They include:

* Prestonpans - a social and economic history across 1000 years [2006]

* The Murals Trail and Art Treasures of Prestonpans [2006]

* Prestonpans Pottery - a definitive study of Scotland's heritage [2007]

* Sir John Cope and the Rebellion of 1745 [reprinted 2008 from 1898]

* Off the Wall Arts in Prestonpans [2008]

* Rebellious Scots to Crush - an anthology of contemporary literature from the Battle in 1745 [2008]

* A Backward Glance - from Cuthill Press [2008]

* The White Rose and the Thorntree - from Cuthill Press [2008]                                                     * 100 Paintings - celebrating The Gothenburg's Centenary 1908 - 2008                                                * A Baron's Tale - from Cuthill Press [2009]