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How Bad Did MacGonagall Himself Get?

William MacGonagal
Dramatist,Orator and Poet by appointment with HM The Queen
: Prestonpans July 23rd 2008

I speak to you of Auld Fowlers Headquarters
A building much prized by Prestonpans sons and daughters
But now a sad memorial to Manís neglect,
Treated by its owners, Lidl with no respect

Said Lidl have shown great disdain for the community
By plotting to demolish it in its entirety
And to fabricate 58 houses on site
A move which may only be described as PLANNERíS BLIGHT

For this ART DECO treasure should be preserved
For use by local townsfolk it could serve
As a centre for artistic excellence
And not as an example of developersí pestilence

The Arts Festival offered to purchase it to no avail
For Lidl had in mind some other kind of sale....
800 signed a petition for its preservation
Meanwhile Auld Fowlers suffered neglect and deterioration

Historical Scotland have refused to list this architectural GEM
Claiming it doesnít suit the criteria for them
And so the community have applied for RIGHT TO BUY
Which may fall on deaf ears, but itís certainly worth a try!

To conclude this woeful saga most reprehensible
Every man and his dog knows Lidl is culpable
BUT WAIT! There may yet be a happy ending to this drama,
Else my name is not Sir William Topaz MacGonagal,
Knight of the White Elephant
And Poet Laureate to the King of Burma.

click on press cutting to enlarge

N.B. The 12 Worst Contributions will be Published Shortly!

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Published Date: July 28th 2008

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