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This is one of the most useful and prosperous associations in the parish. It had its roots in classes for young women which were carried on a number of years ago by Miss Alexander, Aldhammer House; Miss Gumming, Preston; and the Misses Hislop, Harlaw Hill.
The present association was formed in 1884, when Miss Mackay, Free Church Manse, was appointed Secretary, an office she held for a number of years. Other Secretaries have been: —Miss Hislop, Castlepark; Miss M. S. Sprot. The Presidents have been: —the Lady Susan H. Grant Suttie, Prestongrange; Mrs Mackay, Free Church Manse; Mrs Taylor, Dovecot.
Miss Madeline S. Sprot, Stair Park, is the present Secretary, and Mrs Hislop, Castlepark, is President.
The association has been exceedingly fortunate in having had energetic and painstaking office-bearers. It owes much to Miss Davie, Bank House, and Miss Meek, Aldhammer House, who since the beginning of the association have been indefatigable workers on its behalf.

The management at the present time is: —Captain, Mr W. Russell; Vice-Captain, Mr. W. E. Wallace; Secretary, Mr A. W. Cormack; Treasurer, Mr S. Wallace; Members of Committee, Messrs Harbecq, Fairgrieve, and T. Simpson.

It is a little over fifteen years since this society was established, but there was a similar institution in the village more than half a century ago. In connection with this a curious fact was mentioned by the late Mr Robert Hislop a short time previous to his decease. He happened to be at a meeting one night, and after listening with great interest to the debate, he assured the meeting that exactly fifty years that night he heard the same subject discussed by a similar society in Prestonpans. The office-bearers of the society at the present time are: — President, Mr Joseph E. Harbecq; Vice-President, Mr Robert Page; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr W. E. White; Editor of Magazine, Mr Joseph M. Hunter; Committee (ladies), Misses M. W. Hunter, I. Thomson, and A. Pockney; (gentlemen)

Messrs A. Prentice, M. A., W. Wright, and C. Belfield. The syllabus for the season shows a list of seventeen subjects, among which are lectures, essays, debates, musical evenings, magazine articles, and criticism of leaders of evening papers.
There is an ornithological association in the district. It was established about 1889, and it has its annual exhibition and prize competition in October. Secretary, Mr James Pow; Treasurer, Mr R. Gumming; Members of Committee are Messrs M. M'Donald, A. Grundison, W. Rennie, G. Redpath, etc.
There has been a regular football club here for a great many years. The Athletic were the first to win the East Lothian League Cup. At the beginning of last season the committee placed a good team on the field, but the "fates" were against them, and played havoc with some of their best men at the beginning They soon recruited, however, won many matches, and carried off the Haddington Brewery Cup. Their pitch is at Preston Links. President, Mr John Meldrum; Secretary, Mr James Drumphy; Treasurer, Mr Thomas Edmond; Representative, Mr Matthew Brown. They play under the name of Prestonpans Athletic.
Several juvenile elevens were also formed last season under the names of The Blue Bell, The Thistle, and The Violet. They are very strong, but were scarcely expected to come to the front their first season.

If ever there was a quiet, shady, pleasant-looking habitation, from one end to the other of the village in by-gone days, it was Beach House. It was a most desirable residence previous to Mr Ford of Edinburgh becoming proprietor and occupier, and with the multitudinous improvements he made much was added to its amenity. A short time ago the grounds and all thereon were acquired by the Co-operative Society, when the fine old house was pulled down; but the company have set up
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