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be found to be an existing corporation, that they should be admitted members, etc.; and the Court, of this date, February loth 1801, pronounced an interlocutor in the following terms:
"The Lords having resumed consideration of this cause, and advised the same, with the mutual petitions and memorials for the parties, Find, That the Incorporation of Sailors in Prestonpans is a legal and existing body corporate, subject to such regulations and management as may be consistent with law, and the constitution of the society: Find, That the admission of members into this incorporation has of late years been too much narrowed, and the management too much confined, in consequence of certain arrangements which took place at their meetings, 13th February 1744; 2nd March 1761; and 17th May 1783: Find, That these, or any other similar regulations, which may be found in their books, ought to be revised, and such other rules and bye-laws adopted as are consistent with the nature and purposes of the institution; and remit to the Lord Ordinary to hear parties further, and to make the necessary inquiries with that view, in order that a proper set of regulations may be proposed by those concerned, and sanctioned by the authority of this Court, for the regular admission of members into this society, and future management of its affairs; and, in the meantime, Find, That the following persons who are parties in this cause, and claiming to be admitted, viz.: William Lawrie, Thomas Thomson, George Grieve, Alexander Thomson, Alexander Kellie, Downie Paterson, and James Ritchie, are entitled to their admission, other two of the original claimants, John Manson and George Vint, having died since the commencement of the process, and George White, a mason, being not duly qualified for admission into this society: Find the pursuers entitled to the expenses hitherto incurred, out of the funds of the society, and decern. "
Thereafter, in obedience to the remit of the Court, Lord Armadale, Ordinary, was pleased to pronounce an interlocutor of this date, December 19th 1801, establishing certain laws and regulations for the government of the incorporation.
The experience of many years having suggested various alterations upon the laws and regulations established in 1801, it was resolved to digest a new set of rules, under the authority of the nineteenth article of the existing laws, and the draft of the proposed new laws having been submitted to a general meeting of the incorporation held upon the 28th September 1820, and generally approved of, was ordered to be laid before the Rev. Mr Primrose, minister of the parish of Prestonpans, and thereafter to be submitted to a quarterly general meeting. The draft was accordingly revised and corrected by Mr Primrose, and being considered at the quarterly general meeting held upon the 4th and 5th of February 1821, the following were finally approved of and established as the " Laws and Regulations of the Incorporation ":

Time and Forms of Entry.
That none be admitted members of this society above thirty years of age, or who are afflicted with any secret bodily disease or infirmity; who are not of the Protestant religion; who are under church scandal, or otherwise of bad fame, etc.

Constitution and Government.
That there shall be a standing committee of six of their number; two boxmasters, two key-keepers, one society member, and a clerk. The above to be chosen yearly by the general meeting, etc.
After the new rules and regulations came out, the Sailors' Incorporation gradually increased in numbers, and its wealth also increased.
In 1850, Mr Alexander Rennie was appoined secretary, and with a very short interval the office has been in the hands of two Rennies for fully half a century. Alexander resigned, and in 1877 Mr William Rennie, his son, succeeded to the office.
In 1835, first and second boxmasters were Messrs James Young and William Thomson No. 2 respectively; first and second key-keepers, Messrs George Thomson and William Thomson No. 5 respectively, and William Bird, society member. In 1890, secretary, Mr William Rennie; two boxmasters, Messrs Sinclair M'Leod and George Thomson respectively; two key keepers, Messrs James Cunningham and William Thomson respectively; society member, Mr James Smith; and officer. Mr George Ross. There are eighty-six members. The nett capital of the incorporation in 1887 amounted to £, 1618, 18s. 6d. The field known as the Sailors' Park, extending to 10 acres 3 roods and 8 falls, in the neighbourhood of Tranent, belongs to this very wealthy incorporation. Their annual procession, which formerly was wont to be in November, is now held in the month of August. All the monetary transactions of the
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