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knowledge of the distinctive principles of the Church of Scotland, and thoroughly attached to the Free Church, as alone testifying to these principles. He took an active part in building up the church in various parts of the country. He led a remarkably consistent Christian life. He was a man of deep and devotional spirit, of a singularly friendly and affectionate disposition, careful not to ruffle the feelings of others, and an ever ready and tender sympathiser in time of trouble. He was a pleasant companion at all times, yet was his speech always with grace. He ever stated his opinions boldly without any fear of man. He was an ardent admirer of the beauties of external nature, ever looking up to nature's God, and he took a more than ordinary interest in literary and scientific pursuits. "
" The Presbytery approve of this minute, order it to be engrossed in their records, and a copy of it to be sent to Mrs Cunningham with the assurance of the cordial sympathy of the Court. "
One day while Mr Cunningham and his elder Mr Robert Hislop were discussing the coming Disruption, Mr Hislop suddenly inquired, " What are you going to do, Mr Cunningham? " "I am going out. " " But remember you have a wife and children to think about, " said the elder. Without answering, the minister inquired, " What are you going to do, Mr Hislop?" "I am going out, " he replied. "And why are you going out?" " Oh, it's my conscience, " was the reply. " And do you think I have no conscience?" inquired the minister. Thereafter Mr Hislop presented the manse and the ground on which it stands to his minister and the Free Church.
One day during a conversation between Mr Alexander, salt manufacturer, and Dr Moir (Delta), the former inquired if he thought " many would come out at the coming Disruption? " Delta replied " No"; he thought he would be able to eat them all. " After the Disruption Mr Alexander met him one day and said, " I expect a large order for salt from you, Dr Moir. " "For what?" he inquired. "Why, " was the reply, " I hear that 400 ministers have come out, and if you have all these to eat you will require to pickle them, " a sally which was followed by hearty laughter,
Extracted from the Records of the free Church Presbytery of
Haddington and Dunbar.

" The Presbytery record with deep regret the death of Mr John Fowler Hislop, of Castlepark, Prestonpans, which took place on 6th August 1894. Mr Hislop was an esteemed elder of the church, a zealous and loyal Free Churchman, a humble and devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. A man of great public spirit, he gave a large amount of time to public affairs, especially to educational matters, and to the elevation of the social and moral condition of the community.
" In the congregation in which he was an office-bearer, he was held in the highest esteem as a man of deep and consistent piety, and a liberal and ready helper in every good work. In this Presbytery, of which he was often a member, he ever displayed sound judgment, a gentle courtesy and dignity of manner, with extreme fairness and candour towards the opinions of others.
" He was frequently a commissioner from this Presbytery to the General Assembly, in the proceedings of which he took a deep interest, and rendered good service in connection with the work of its committees. He has been taken away while still in full intellectual vigour, and in the midst of abundant labours.
" The Presbytery desire affectionately to commend to God the widow and family of their departed friend, praying that in their great and sudden bereavement they may realise the presence and sustaining grace of Christ Jesus our Lord. "
Dr Mackay is the third son of the late Rev. John Mackay, M. A., Free Church minister of Lybster, Caithness, a man who in his day was distinguished for his learning, his wide knowledge of matters historical and ecclesiastical, his interest in education, and the soundness of his judgment, characteristics which are reflected in his sons, four of whom now bear the degree of "doctor, " two being M. D. 's, the third D. D., and the fourth, who as a student had a very brilliant career at both Scottish and English Universities, is LL. D. of St Andrews, and Professor of History in University College, Liverpool. So much for the plain living and high thinking of a Free Kirk manse.
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