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Baronial Regalia

Feudal Barons and their Courts have long traditions. They wore ceremonial robes and carried the regalia of their office. Occasionally Barons wore crowns and those shown here feature five brass balls and the relevant heraldic symbols for Prestoungrange and Dolphinstoun.

The Baron's robes were specified by Charles I for attendance at his Coronation and have gone unchanged since. The Court Officers are less well documented and those used today at Prestoungrange are taken from medieval paintings.

In the conduct of the Court's affairs the Baron Sergeand's Ellwand (a medieval measure approximating to just more than one yard) was broken when a judgement from the Court was not accepted by any vassal. Today's Ellwand is ceremonial and has symbolic provision for the silver medal pendant to slide left or right. Each end is beautifully carved, at one the Family raven's head, and at the other the baronial chapeau.

The Baron Bailie, the Senior Officer of the Court, wears the Barony's Gold Medal to signify his office.

Both these Officers of the Court also carried Horns to announce their arrival and to call meetings to order.

The Rights to Regalia are recorded in The Register of Sasine in Scotland, and transfered with the Barony.