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A new Laird for Glencairn, Lybster, Caithness

Bryan Wills takes office as Laird of Glencairn

Perhaps best characterised as sibling rivalry in today's psycho-sociological bletherings, Bryan Wills, as the older brother of Prestoungrange, felt it was well past the time when he should establish his own land rights in Scotland. Perusing his mail order catalog in Alberta he chanced upon just the right opportunity. The enterprise selling small areas of the Moon had also taken ownership of some 2 acres of peat bog in Caithness and was selling small parcels of that territory with the associated right to be known as Laird. The despatch of the modest sum of $45 was sufficient for the lands and title to be transferred as shown below #029319.

Much to be Proud of

The location of Glencairn takes its name from the 5000 year old Stone Age Camster Cairns, an Historic Monument, shown below. It can be seen that whilst many of the nearby dwellings may be humble or tumble there are some inhabitants, some flora and the wooden walkways make passage to and fro across the bog to the small plot easily achieved. All that was needed was a little sunshine.

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Lybster's fine Portland Hotel offered excellent lodgings and food although the nightlife seemed somewhat sparse, and the harbour without a fishing vessel to be seen is a sad reflection on the European Union's Fishery Policies.

In summary, land and a Lairdship to honour and take pride in. The Laird himself made his first official visit on August 18th 2006. Back in The Yukon he displays his title and the Wilsl Family Arms as he travels.