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Industrial Heritage & Museum

Prestongrange was designated as the Scottish Mining Museum in the early 1980's, but first shared with, and then lost that title to, Newtoungrange's Lady Victoria Colliery.

The Industrial Heritage of the Barony of Prestoungrange is under the stewardship of the Heritage Museum on the site of the old coal mine, brickworks and pottery kilns. It's most famous monument is the Beam Engine. Working in partnership with staffs at the museum, the Baron Court has created a wide range of on-line educational/learning resources for those wishing to make visits. They take the form of a Resource Booklet, a Study Leader's Briefing Guide and a Forum for Feedback and Comment - all available here with a click.

The Study Leader's Briefing Guides suggest how effective learning can be gained for different ages.

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Resources Available Briefing Guide Forum
1. Prestongrange House - Sonia Baker Briefing Guide  
2. Morrison's Haven - Julie Aitken Briefing guide  
3. Sourcing Brickmaking Salting and Chemicals at Prestongrange - David Anderson Briefing Guide  
4. Industrial Ownership and Relations at Prestongrange - Allan Burnett Briefing Guide  
5. Horses Steam and Electrical Engines at Prestongrange - Anne Marie Allan Briefing Guide  
6. Health Hazards over the Centuries at prestoungrange - Kirsty Black    
7. Model Housing for Prestongrange Miners - Annie Lyall Briefing Guide  
8. Water at Prestongrange and Pumping it out - Ewan Wilson Briefing Guide  
9. Decorative Pottery at Prestoungrange - Jane Bonar Briefing Guide  
10. Geology of Prestongrange and its Environmental Impact - Matthew Carter and Julian Wills
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Briefing Guide  
11. Fowler's Brewery - Famous since the '45 - David Anderson    
12. Agricultural Improvement at Dolphinstoun - Chris Allan    
13 The Prestoungrange Gothenburg - Gordon Prestoungrange    
14 Battle of Prestonpans - Michael of Albany
Foreword & contents, Pages 1-10, Pages 11-15, Pages 16-18, Pages 19-20, Pages 21-24, Pages 25-30, Pages 31-35,
Pages 36-39
15 Steaming up at Prestoungrange - Colin Boyd
Foreword & Contents, Pages 1-10, Page 11, Pages 12-13,
Pages 14-15
, Pages 16-17, Pages 18-19, Pages 20-21,
Pages 22-23
, Pages 24-25, Pages 26-27, Pages 28-42, Page 43
16 The Story Glenkinchie since 1723 - Craig Ward
Foreword & Contents, Introduction, Pages 2-18, Pages 19-25, Pages 26-30, Page 31, Pages 32-36, Bibliography
17 The Painted Prestoungrange Ceiling 1581 - Annemarie Allan
Foreword & Contents, Pages 1-7, Pages 8-10, Pages 11-15,
Pages 16-19
, Pages 20-24, Pages 25-31, Pages 32-34, Notes
18 A Pride of Panners - Bob Hopkins
Forward to Page 20, Pages 21-37, Pages 38-44, Pages 45-47, Pages 48-59, Pages 60-63, Pages 64 to end
19 The Roads that led by Prestoungrange - Andrew Ralton
Foreword & Contents, Introduction, Pages 5-12, Pages 13-21, Pages 22-31, Pages 32-40, Pages 41-46, Pages 47-54,
Pages 55-79
, Pages 80 to end
20 Poverty, Self-help and an Emerging Social Life in Prestonpans - Sonia Baker
Forward & Contents, Pages 1-26, Picture Spread, Pages 27-58, Pages 59 to end
21 81 Witches of Prestonpans - Pardoned They Are - Annemarie Allan
Centre Spread

The Briefing Booklets and Guides here on the Web may be down-loaded for use in schools but not for resale howsoever. Hard copy printed editions are available from Prestoungrange University Press at ?.00/$US 10.00 plus postage and packing at ?/$US2, and by direct purchase at the Museum.

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