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Prestonpans and Vicinity

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he was struck in great estasies and transis by and be the space of twa or three hours deid, his spirit tane, and suffered himself to be careit and transportit to mony mountains, as thocht through all the world, according to his ain deposition.
3d Item—Fylit according to his ain confession for the abusing of the bodie of Margret Spens, wedo, in ——, promising to haif mareit hir, but at Satan's command he stayit, quhu said to him, "Gif he mareit hir he sould tyne him of muckill ruches. "1
4th Item—Fylit for the suffering of himself to be careit to North Berwick kirk, he being lyand in ane close bed in Prestonpans, as if he had been fouchand athout the aird, quhair Satan commandit him to mak him homage with the rest of his serwandis, quhare he thocht he saw the lycht of ane candill standand in the midst of his serwandis, whilk appereit blue lowe, and Satan stood as in a pulpit, making ane sermon of dowtsoume speechis, saying, " Many cum to the fair, and byis nocht all wares, and desired nocht to fear tho' he wes grymme, for he had mony serwandis quha sould never want, and sould aill nathing sa lang as thayre hair wes on, and sould never let ane teir fall frae thair een sa lang as they servit him, and gaif them thair lessons and commands to him as follows: Spair not to do evill, and to eit, drink, and be blyth, taking rest and eise, for he sould raise thame at the last day gloriously. "
5th Item—Fylit for the being in company with Satan at his convention, quhair he saw Robert Griersoune, Michaell Clark, Annie Sampsoune, with sundrie others; and at the same tyme for the bewitching and possessing of William Hutsoune in Windygqul, with ane evill speirit.
6th Item—Fylit for suffering himself to be careit to the sea with Satan, and at the first he was skimmin' ower all the sea without land in ane boit, accompanit with the persons above written, and being of the fair knowledge of the leek that strak up in the queen's schip as the devil foirtald him.
7th Item—Fylit for the raising of wyindis at the king's passing to Denmark, and for the sending of ane letter to Marioun Linkup, in Leith, to that effect, bidding her to meet him and the rest on the sea within five days, quhair Satan delivered ane cat out of his ain hand to Robert Greirsoune, giving the word to cast the same in the sea hola, and thereafter being mounted in a schip and drawn ilk ane to others, quhair Satan said, "Ye sail sink the schip, " like as they thought it did.
1 Wealth.
8th Item—Fylit for assembling himself with Satan at the King's returning frae Denmark, quhair Satan promesit to raise ane mist, and cast the King's majesty in England; and for performing thairof he took ane thing like ane futeball, quhilk appearit to the said Johnne like a wisp, and cast the same in the sea, quhilk caused ane vapour and ane reik to ryis.
9th Item—Fylit for being in company with Satan in the kirk of North Berwick, quhair he appeareit to him in the form of ane black man within the pulpit thairof, and after his outcoming of the kirk, pointed the graves and stood above them, quhilk \yere opened in thrie sundrie pairts, twa within and ane without, when the women dememberit the deid corps and bodies therein with thair gullies, and incontinent wes transportit with words.
10th Item—Fylit for opening of locks, and specialy ane lock in David Seytoune's younger, in Tranent and sic-lyke, for the opening of the said Davide's foir yett, the key thairof being lyand upon the buird at the supper. As also for opening of ane lock by his sorcerie in David Seytoune's moderis, he blawing in ane woman's hand, himself sitting at the fyre syde.
11th Item—Fylit for the being cumand furth of Patrick Umphrie's son's house in the mylne under nicht fra his supper, and passand to Tranent on horseback, and ane man with him, be his devilitch craft raisit up four candills on the horse's twa lugs, and ane other candill upon the staff quhilk the man had in his hand, and gaif sic lycht as if it had been daylycht, lyke as the said candills returned with the said man at his hame-cuming, and causit him fall deid at his entrie within the house.
12th Item—Fylit for the witching and possessing of the said William Hutchisoune with ane evill speirit, which continued with him twentie-sax oulkis; like as the same speirit departit and left, how soon the said Johnne was tane and apprehendit.
13th Item—Fylit for being in company with Annie Sampsoune, Robert Greirsoune, Kaet Gray, and others, upon Hallowene; they embarkit in ane boit beside Robert Greirsoune's house in the Pannis, and sailit ower the sea to ane tryst they had with ane other witch, quhen they entered within ane schip and drank gude wine and aill therein, and thereafter causing baith schip and boit to perish with the persons therin, and their returning hame.
14th Item—Fylit for the using be way of witchcraft of moudiwart's feet upon him in his purse given to him be Satan
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