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Fowler’s Fellowship Brewing Manual

... Beer is on the the world's most ancient beverages. It was most certainly being brewed in Scotland many hundreds of years before the techniques of distilling the nation's famed whisky where developed. It is most that the earliest beers were flavoured with spruce and heather with monasteries playing a key role in developing and exploiting the process. 11th Century monks at Holyrood Abbey are known to have initiated what become one of Edinburgh's most successful industries when they sank a well at the base of Arthur's Seat in order to harness the "magic of water"....

On signing up to do a BrewSet each person will receive a Fowler's Fellowship Brewing Manual - this will allow you to be have a more "hands-on" approach in the class and create a better understanding of the brewing process.

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(Part 01) (Part 02) (Part 03) (Part 04)