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Famous Since the ‘45

The story of brewing in Prestonpans, amongst which John Fowler & Company was pre-eminent is told in fullest details right up to Fowler’s demise in 1969 – even though brewing ceased in 1962. The book comes from Prestoungrange University Press in the Historical Series No. 12, which can be purchased at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg price £6, ordered here in hard copy via Online Shopping or downloaded here on your own printer as below:

Fowler’s Ales - Famous Since the ‘45

The end came for Fowler’s when the brewery was acquired as part of a nationwide pattern of mergers that meant much larger organisations could take advantage of technology giving massive economies of scale.

In East Lothian only Belhaven at Dunbar survived to the 21st Century, and alongside Fowler’s Ales at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg we are very pleased to be able to offer their ales. We are also most grateful to them for much assistance as we have got back into business in the microbrewery and in The Prestoungrange Gothenburg at large.