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Jug Bar – for Take Home Sales of Fowler’s Ales

The ‘Jug Bar’ is the traditional name for the counter in a public house where take home Ales are bought and sold. And The Prestoungrange Gothenburg’s Jug Bar stands just as it has since 1908. Come in, stand on that historical spot where so many under 18s stood in the olden days, and place an order. Take home prices from the Jug Bar include the 4 pint "container" or Jug which we provide for your convenience

The Jug Bar is reached by entering beneath the 1908 illuminated TAVERN sign on the north side of The Prestoungrange Gothenburg as if entering the James Fewell Bar. Turn neither left not right but go straight ahead through the Jug Bar labelled doors and ring the bell on the counter.

There is no need these days to bring your own jug as in days gone by, but you are still of course welcome so to do if you have the inclination. If it was good enough in 1908 its good enough today although the prices are quite considerably higher. The up-to-date list is always on display in the Jug Bar and on this web page by linking here.

Prestonpans 80/- £9.25 per 4 pint pottle
Gothenburg Porter £9.25 per 4 pint pottle
Prestonpans IPA
(Available from the beginning of March)
£9.25 per 4 pint pottle

Finally, a reminder if we might as you take home from the Jug Bar – local By-Laws in Prestonpans of which we wholeheartedly approve prohibit the consumption of alcohol on the streets. Do please note that take Home Sales really means take home. If you feel you cannot wait that long to savour the flavour of Fowler’s Real Ales then turn left or right as you exit the Jug Bar into the James Fewell Bar where the warmest welcome certainly awaits you.

Jug Bar Home to Fowler’s Fellows and Companions

One of the greatly valued benefits of becoming a Fowler’s Fellow or Companion is the right to make bulk purchases of Fowler’s ales at Deal Prices. And the Jug Bar is the very spot to place those purchase orders … and collect them. Unless you would like the further benefit of our inexpensive but not free home delivery service as well.