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Joining BrewSets to Make Real Ales

The second most popular aspect of Fowler’s Real Ales [ after drinking them that is ] is helping brew them in the first place. That is why a totally unique Fowler’s School of Brewing was established at the outset at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

For a modest Registration Fee and a bundle of benefits you can work in a small team of three or four ‘learner brewers’ aged 18 and over known as a BrewSet. With the Brew Master keeping a watchful eye, the BrewSet will proceed over seven days or so make some 100 gallons of beer.

Potential learners can register individually and the School will join them into BrewSets – or three or four individuals can register together as a readymade BrewSet.

Each learner brewer gets homework in the Fowler’s Brewer’s Manual, five test pints to taste and a range of other enviable outcomes – not to forget the Fowler’s Certificate of Accomplishment as a Fowler’s Fellow (ff).

To take the next step, link now to:

[If you want to phone to discuss matters further, the number to call is 01875 819922 during normal working hours; or you can email George Thompson or Craig Allan, who lead Fowler’s School of Brewing, at