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Let’s Create a Celebration Brew

If you are 18 or over, you are cordially invited to propose your own Celebration or Special brew at any time for any event – and Fowler’s will, with good adequate notice, schedule its creation preferably with your help in a BrewSet but it can be done without.

Typical celebrations Fowler’s brews for are:

  • Club Competitions and Anniversary Events
  • Family Weddings and Anniversaries – 18/21st/30th/40th/60th /100th birthdays
  • Military Events and Exhibitions
  • Restaurant and Free House with Fowler’s as a Guest or for ‘own label brews’

Casked or Bottled? Designer labels?

Most Celebration and Special brews want their own labels for some bottling even if most of the brew will be in casks. That affords great scope for artistic tendencies although there is an on-cost for such additional enjoyment. But it affords the opportunity for treasured memories of that very special occasion.

Join the Celebration BrewSet

As suggested above even greater pleasure can arise if the Celebration or Special brew was personally created by the celebrants themselves. And given adequate notice this is exactly what Fowler’s School of Brewing loves to do.

As an integral element of Fowler’s quoted price for your own Celebration Brew your own BrewSet can gain its Fowler’s Fellowship Certificates of Accomplishment as well.

And importantly … even if a celebration that quaffs 100 gallons of real ale that a brew can create is some way beyond your imagination and your pocket, fear not. If the Celebration brew is clearly appropriate for sale in the Lord mayor’s and James Fewell Bars as well Fowler’s and The Prestoungrange Gothenburg will take some of the strain and sell it through their own distribution channels. So even a modest quantity purchased can still be something very special for your occasion.

To discuss Celebratory Brews further call us during normal working hours on 01875 819922 or call at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg or email Iain Turnbull on