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The Dean Tavern - A Gothenburg Experiment

Appendix 1


Allan's Church - The Church of Christ.

bona fide traveller - someone who had travelled at least 2 or 3 miles and was entitled to buy a drink in a hotel on a Sunday.

Bottom Shop - The Abbey Inn.

brush the roads - remove part of the roof or pavement of a working to heighten the roadway.

Chinks - Arniston nickname for Newtongrange folk.

Chipper Avenue - Mansfield Avenue. That was where the chip van used to park.

C.I.S.W.O. - Coal Industry Welfare Organisation.

clipe - tell tales.

contractor - man who employed miners on behalf of the Lothian Coal Co.

Coronation Brig - railway bridge over Murderdean Road, now demolished.

crack - chat.

Dalkeith - bottled beer brewed by McLennan and Urquart of Dalkeith.

Dean barry - barrow used by the Dean to deliver orders.

Dean Cream - sherry bottled for the Dean.

Doo Ball - the annual dance of the pigeon homing society.

Dougall's - Newbattle District Council Office. Mr. Dougall was clerk to the council for a long time.

face - exposed seam of coal in a mine

flit - move house.

Frothblowers - name for a group of old men who used to meet in the Dean.

gaff - a travelling theatre.

Germans - Newtongrange nickname for Arniston folk.

Goth - a pub where all or part of the profits are used to benefit the community.

green table - Mungo MacKay had a green table in his office and if you were up before the green table you were probably in trouble.

guid brother - brother in law.

hogget - a hogshead

howk - dig

idle day - day off.

jug bar - a room in a pub where drink could be bought to drink off the premises. You took a jug for a pint of beer.

lowse - finish work

ane - this path with high brick walls ran across the middle of the park.

manhole - alcove in the Dean Tavern.

Nitten - Newtongrange.

Nitten Bull - Arniston nickname for Newtongrange folk.

Pay Friday - miners worked an eleven day fortnight and were paid every second Friday, Pay Friday.

Pay Saturday - the idle day after Pay Friday.

Penny a boot - a system worked in the pit where men work together as a team and were paid jointly.

pitch and toss - a gambling game where two coins are tossed in the air and bets laid on how they will land.

pot boy — a boy employed to do odd jobs in a public house

P.S.A. - Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Brotherhood, a Sunday afternoon musical concert for men.

redd - waste material from the pit, especially slag, from the boiler fires or stone from the picking tables.

residenter - a resident of very long standing

skin in - get in free, by stealth.

Square Heid - Newtongrange nickname for Arniston folk.

The Peth - the road between Newtongrange and Newbattle.

The Strip - the ground between the White Gates and the Bryans.

Tin Kirk - Ebeneezer Church.

Top Club - the Miner's Club, Newtongrange Community Association Social Club.

freckle - treacle.

Treckle Bekky - if you did not behave you were threatened that "Trekkle Bekky will get you!" She reputedly lived in a big pool at the Bryans.

up the braes - Arniston. up the stairs - Mungo MacKay's office.

Vesting Day - January 1st. 1947, the day the pits were nationalised.

waiter - barman.

White Gates - the cross roads near the Dean Tavern where there used to be a level crossing on the pit railway line.

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