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July 23rd 2003

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Restoration 2002-2004

The Barons of Prestoungrange & Dolphinstoun resolved in 2002 to seek to restore The Prestoungrange Gothenburg to its former architectural arts and crafts glory. At the same time they were determined to make it a trading success throughout Prestonpans and its vicinity that could be a pathway to sustainability of the Prestoungrange Arts Festival Charity they had originally established in 1998. Such success could only be assured if the restored, and extended, facilities were a major destination and attraction. These also included the creation of Fowlers' Ales microbrewery on site.

The process of obtaining consents from Historic Scotland as a Listed Building, and the necessary Planning Consents from East Lothian Council, was lengthy - from November 2002 till February 2004. But from the outset some restoration work was possible and as time passed local community support has grown and grown particularly via the Murals Programme which has been conducted from The Prestoungrange Gothenburg Manager��s apartment since 2003. Community support was especially manifest on July 23rd 2003 when the Lord Mayor of Gothenburg visited Prestonpans, unveiled a commemorative mural and named the Lord Mayor��s Bar.

The restoration, building and extension works were undertaken throughout by Bill Robertson and his team, with extensive craft assistance from Robert Atherton for stained glass restoration and from Kate Hunter for interior decorations. Anne Taylor as Dempster to the Baron Courts and Chief Executive of The Prestoungrange Gothenburg co-ordinated all concerned.

There have been several milestones throughout the restoration and links are offered below, including to the photo-galleries both before and during restoration, and to the several NewsNet Reports made.

June 17th 2004 was a red letter day for Bill Robertson's entire team when they were all invited by the Baron and Lady of Prestoungrange to celebrate their work and thanked profoundly at a reception in the Lord Mayor's Bar and Thomas Nelson Suite they had so carefully constructed for the Pans.

The final acolade for the care and attention given to the Restoration came on January 12th 2006 when CAMRA [The Campaign for Real Ale] and English Heritage gave their joint award to The Prestoungrange Gothenburg as The Best 2005 Pub Conservation in the UK as reported on NewsNet

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