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July 23rd 2003

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GothPoints �C gladly rewarding your loyalty

GothPoints are bonus points available when you purchase a wide variety of products and services and artifacts at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg �C and can be redeemed on applicable goods and services at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg.

N.B. Because we adhere strictly to Gothenburg Principles no GothPoints are ever awarded for the purchase of alcohol or tobacco howsoever.

To qualify to earn GothPoints each and any individual is invited to become a Member of the Prestoungrange Arts Festival by making a charitable donation of at least £1. It is that charity��s membership card and its accompanying membership number that you are required to present each time you pay for applicable goods or services. The point of sale terminals then swipe the card and update the GothPoints records immediately. [Its the same system that many charity supporters will be familiar with at Boots the Chemist or their major supermarket.]

Membership Application Form, also available in printed format.

Members can check their records and accumulated GothPoints both by Internet access and at the e-Reader placed for this purpose in the corner of the James Park Lounge at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg. Any changes to email or home addresses can be advised in the same way.

The awarding of GothPoints and their redemption are governed by rules as would be anticipated, which are detailed at the time of Membership Registration, on display at the Prestoungrange Gothenburg, and always accessible at this website here - Terms and Conditions.

Equally the tariff of awards and redemption is also widely publicised. The Prestoungrange Gothenburg reserves the right to change the tariff after giving not less than 1 month's notice (i) in Brushstrokes or a similar communication circulated house-to-house throughout Prestonpans, (ii) here on the website and (iii) at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg by public notice in all rooms.

Effective June 19th 2004 until further notice the tariffs are:

EARNING GothPoints
  • 10 GothPoints/£ spent Monday through Wednesday (i.e. 10%)
  • 5GothPoints /£ spent Thursday through Sunday (i.e. 5%)

Double GothPoints i.e. 20% or 10% depending on the day as above, are earned for all applicable purchases made during all Earlybird sessions throughout the year, on all applicable purchases throughout the day and night from 1st/ 31st August and 3rd / 20th January each year, and also for occasional special promotions to be announced well in advance.

N.B. There are no GothPoints earned on alcohol or tobacco purchases at any time.


Members will normally expect to redeem their points earned at 1p per GothPoint at anytime except for Sunday lunch, Earlybirds or The Prestoungrange Gothenburg��s other great value Special Promotions �C and details of these latter occasions when spending GothPoints is not possible will be well publicised in advance.

GothPoints can be redeemed for all drinks including alcohol provided such alcohol is drunk with a main meal.

Members will from time to time, as and when announced, be able to redeem their GothPoints at a premium value of 1.5 or 2p each during special promotions. There will normally be at least one of these occasions every quarter.

GothPoints for your 'Best-Buy'
�� is clearly to make maximum purchases in August Monday/ Wednesday getting 10% then redeem during a 2p value promotion giving de facto 20% benefit.

This gives Members a chance to win £100 each week if, with the right signed membership card in hand, they are actually present in The Prestoungrange Gothenburg James Park Lounge, Lord Mayor��s Bar and Table or the James Fewell Bar at the moment when the Lucky Members�� Number draw is made each week on the designated evening between 5.30pm and 8 pm.

If the Member whose number is called is not able to meet the conditions set down, the £100 rolls over to the following week when the Bonus becomes £200 and so forth. And if the Lucky Member prefers to take GothPoints the value increases by 50% to £150/ £300 or 15,000/ 30,000 GothPoints and so forth �C ample ��lucky�� resources to throw a party.


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