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July 23rd 2003

Goteborg, Sweden



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Chronology of The Prestoungrange Gothenburg 1901-2004

(Originally The Trust Tavern 1908-1965 and at onetime also The Forth Tavern 1965-1986)

(Document references are from Sasine where available and correlate to the Search for Incumbrances by Millar & Bryce 1908-1998 (GOTH 1908 NOV 12) All * information is derived from the Debenture Agreement concluded in 1908 with Thomas Nelson, Publisher for the Trustees of Nelson Halls (CH 214 190.195.) or Millar & Bryce above cited. CH=County of Haddington; EL/ELN=East Lothian; BP=Borough of Prestonpans; GOTH=Internal documents.)

1901 (GOTH MEM & ART) East of Scotland Public House Trust Company Limited established in Edinburgh at 29 Rutland Square to acquire and build anew public houses that were owned and managed with temperance as their goal. The movement was inspired by developments in Sweden to combat widespread brandy drinking which the City of Gothenburg had pioneered. Publicans were incentivised to sell food and non alcoholic drinks not alcohol, and loan funds were restricted to modest rates of interest. It reached its high point with the nationalisation of Carlisle's Public Houses during World War I.

(GOTH 1901 MAY 20) The newly formed Company issued its Prospectus seeking 50 000 Shares of £1 each. Just over £13 000 was promised and gradually called up becoming fully paid by 1910.
1903* The East of Scotland Public House Trust makes its first two acquisitions:
  • *White Hart Inn, Grassmarket, Edinburgh
  • *The Gothenburg, Glencraig, Ballingry, Fife
1905* Further acquisitions are made of:
  • *The Anchor Bar, Kincardine, Fife
  • *The Town Hall Bar, Dufftown, Banff
  • *Mansion House, Prestonpans
1907* Acquisitions continue at:
  • *The Red Lion Inn, Culross, Fife
  • *Land and subjects at Prestonpans from Margaret Stevenson, daughter of the late Adam Stevenson, Controller of Customs at Abroath

(CH211 86.94) Land purchased at Prestonpans from Belfield & Company by the East of Scotland Public House Trust to erect The Trust Tavern within 12 months for a Ground Annual of ?2 and ?2 payable every 19th year in the name of grassum commencing 1927 on Whitsunday.

The sale was subject to any requirements arising from the Notarial Instrument in respect of George Syme (GOTH 1908 [1] and [2] ) and with Rights retained by Belfield & Company to all coal, shale, limestone, ironstone, marl, peat, clay sand and all other minerals and metals but not by sinking a shaft or pit on the lands.

(CH 213 143.145) Rev. William Boag waives his Claim over lands in his Bond of Security for a Loan to Belfield & Company of ?50

(CH 214 190.195) Bond & Security over all The Trust Tavern and Lands to Thomas Nelson, Publisher and Trustees of Nelson Halls for a Loan of ?000 at 5% pa + Annual Insurances of Buildings for ?500 given by East of Scotland Public House Trust (November 4th)

1909 (CH 218 38.40) East of Scotland Public House Trust acquires a small piece of land in West End, Prestonpans from Thomas and George Mackie, formerly of the Soap Works, for ?15.
1913 (CH 332 57) Disposition to Debenture Holders Scott Plummer and Others as Trustees of all the assets of the East of Scotland Public House Trust "for good and onerous causes and considerations".
1915 (CH 254 87.90) ?000 Loan repaid to Trustees for the late Thomas Nelson (June 30th)
1918 (CH 380 41.42) Disposition from Debenture Holders by Scott Plummer and Others as Trustees of all the assets of the East of Scotland Public House Trust back to the Trust (August 3rd)
1919 (CH 274 152.155) The Trust Tavern acquired by Trust Houses Limited of 227 Strand, London founded in 1903 under the leadership of the 4th Earl Grey,a leading temperance campaigner and grandson of the 2nd Earl Grey who as Prime Minister 1830-1834 moved The Reform Act 1832 through the Parliament. The East of Scotland Public House Trust Company Limited having been placed in the hands of its Liquidator, James Black. The lands and buildings sold were those acquired from Margaret Stevenson (1907) and Bellfield & Company (1908) and the Mackies (1909) - (October 21st)
1921* Disposition by Trust Houses Limited of The Trust Tavern in favour of Whitehall Trust Limited (May 2nd)
1925* Disposition by Whitehall Trust of The Trust Tavern in favour of Trust Houses Limited (December 30th)
1930 (GOTH 1858 141.149 & GOTH 1930 JAN8) Belfield & Company receives ?2:10/- from Trust Houses Limited in respect of any due or future casualties
1950 (BP 5 EL 12-1 200.204) Trust Houses Limited sells 66 sq yds of land on Redburn Road to Prestonpans Burgh Council for ?5 to enable pavement widening (June 1st)
1965 (EL 65 574.168) Bass Ratcliff & Gretton acquire The Trust Tavern from Trust Houses Limited for ?5,400 (May 24th) who in the course of their ownership change its name to The Forth Tavern and indeed change their own name three times (GOTH 1888 + 1966 + 1969 + 1978) managing their activities in Scotland through Tennent Caledonian, the enterprise which in the sixties acquired and then closed Fowler's Brewery in Prestonpans.
1971* Trust Houses Limited of London merge with Forte to become the largest British hotel and restaurant group, sacrificing its temperance goals as it had earlier when selling The Trust Tavern to Bass.
1979 (GOTH 79 MAY28) Bass pays ?18.50 to East Lothian Council under Section 4 of The Land Tenure Reform (Scotland) Act 1974 in redemption of its Feu Duty and settled its final Annual Account of ?1.50.
1983 (EL 83 988.62) Bass sells a garage area to David and Anne Brown of 2a Redburn Road.
1984* Bass receives two Improvement Grants for The Forth Tavern from East Lothian District Council of ?084.45 + ?291.23
1985 (GOTH 85 JAN4) The Forth Tavern designated a Building of Special Architectural or Historical Interest (January 4th)
1986 Planning Consent Given under the Town & Country Planning Acts for a new toilet (GOTH 87 DEC14) at The Forth Tavern (Gothenburg); Licensing Board Consent (GOTH 86 JAN16) for a new Lounge Bar to be formed from the existing Games Room; these Plans then receiving Approval from the Fire Brigade and a Building Warrant under the Buildings (Scotland) Acts (GOTH 86/89 FEB13/SEP5)
1991 (EL 91 298.10) Bass sells (The Forth Tavern) now The Gothenburg to James and Judith Bell for ?09 250 including VAT (No. 227) and the attached Dwelling House ( No. 229 ) for ?0 000. (August 29th)

(EL 91 298.14) Bass (trading as Tennent Caledonian) grants a ?00 000 Loan to James and Judith Bell secured against The Gothenburg (August 29th)
1992 (EL 92 73.1) James and Judith Bell sell The Gothenburg and the Dwelling House to Malcolm McIlwraith for ?40 000 (March 14th)

(EL 92 111.48) James and Judith Bell repaid their Loan to Bass (March 31st)

(EL 92 268.49 & EL 92 73.4 & EL 92 283.4) Malcolm McIlwraith receives Loans from Bass (?00 000) and the Bank of Scotland (?0 000) secured against The Gothenburg, with the loans ranked in the order shown (November 5th)
1994 (EL 94 259.16) Malcolm McIlwraith formally agrees with Bass and the Bank of Scotland in a Deed of Declaration that The Gothenburg and the Dwelling House are separate assets; and Bass (EL 94 259.12) and the Bank of Scotland (EL 94 259.14) waive their Security Charge for their 1992 Loans over the Dwelling House at No. 229 (September 30th)

(EL 94 275.4) Malcolm McIlwraith borrows ?0 000 from the Woolwich Building Society secured against the Dwelling House, 229 High Street. (October 14th)
1995 (EL 95 46.33) Security Charge over The Gothenburg given to Heritage Management Company for a Loan of ?0 000 ranking after Bass and the Bank of Scotland. (January 16th)

(GOTH 95 MAR17) Malcolm McIlwraith sells the land originally purchased in 1909 from the Mackies for ?0 000 to Advanced Dimensions Stock Taking Limited (March 17th)

(GOTH 95 APR5) *Sequestration of the estate of Malcolm McIlwraith (April 5th)

(GOTH 95 ELN 3870 APR7) Demand issued to Malcolm McIlwraith from Bass for Principal and Interest of ?852.62 within 28 days or they will take possession of The Gothenburg.(April 7th)

(GOTH 95 ELN 3870 SEP28) Execution of Charge for Ejection from 229 High Street Dwelling House at request of Woolwich Building Society. (September 25th)
1997 (GOTH 97 FEB18) Coal Authority reports on The Gothenburg's proximity to two coal seams last worked in 1925 at 170m and 435m (February 14th)

(ELN 98 26.24) Bass and Woolwich Building Society advertise and then sell The Gothenburg and the Dwelling House for ?5 000 to John and Scott Murray (May 16th) who gives Loan Security against the combined properties to the Royal Bank of Scotland (EL 3870(1) 26.28) which Security is discharged November 6th 2001 (EL 3870(2)).
1998 (GOTH 99 MAR31) John and Scott Murray cease trading as The Gothenburg and seek Planning Consent for Change of Use to 1 House and 1 Flat with Proposed Alterations (May 20th), with the Officer's Recommendation and rationale in support (March 31st)
1999 (GOTH 99 FEB4 & GOTH 99 MAY4) Planning Consent & Building Warrants issued with the Stipulation that if the Murrays or their Dependents cease to live there its Use shall revert to a Public House with 1st Floor Dwelling House.
2001 (ELN 3870 (3)) John and Scott Murray sell the 1 House and 1 Flat to the Baron & Lady of Prestoungrange for ?60 000 (October 26th) and its Use automatically reverts to a Public House and Dwelling House.
2002 (GOTH 02A) The Baron & Lady of Prestoungrange apply for Planning Consent to (i) restore the exterior and the Edwardian/ Art Deco Bar; (ii) to renovate the Dwelling House; and (iii) to extend the Workshops to accommodate Kitchens for a Bistro and a Microbrewery to brew old Fowler's Ales. The whole to be accomplished so far as may be possible to meet the originating goals of the East of Scotland Public House Trust Company Limited in The Trust Tavern in 1908.
2002 (GOTH 02B / GOTH02C / GOTH 02D) East of Scotland Public House Limited and Fowler's Ales (Prestoungrange) Limited established by The Baron Courts of Prestoungrange and Dolphinstoun to facilitate the restoration and re-opening. Baron Courts of Prestoungrange and Dolphinstoun incorporated as a Scottish Charity to receive donations for the work of the Arts Festival.
2003 (LORD MAYOR'S TALES 1-7) Lord and Lady Mayoress of Goteborg visit the Prestoungrange Gothenburg to open The Lord Mayor's Bar and unveil The Gothenburg Mural on the baronial foreshore.
2003 (GOTH 03A) Land by Firth of Forth now owned by Sylvia Burgess [formerly sold by Malcolm McIIwraith to Advanced Dimensions (GOTH 95 MAR 17 above)] purchased for car parking space - former site of Belfield Pottery - in the sum of £10,000.
2004 (GOTH 04A) Baron and Lady Prestoungrange sell The Prestoungrange Gothenburg together with car parking area acquired [GOTH 03A] to Gothenburg Inc. for £245,000 on condition it be used under Gothenburg Principles.
2004 (GOTH 04B) East of Scotland Public House Limited enters into a 10 year restoration and maintenance lease of the Prestoungrange Gothenburg.
2004 (GOTH 04C) Fowler's Ales (Prestoungrange) Limited enters into a 5 year lease to manage and market the real ales produced at the micro brewery at the Prestoungrange Gothenburg.
2004 (GOTH 04D - (Part 01) (Part 02) (Part 03) (Certificate) Prestonpans Salt Company Limited established to pioneer panning for salt again in the town.
2004 (GOTH 04E - (Part 01) (Part 02) (Part 03) (Certificate) Pandores Oysters Limited established to re-introduce oyster farming in Prestonpans
Fowlers' Ales
(1) and The Prestoungrange Gothenburg (2). Major events mark the completion of the restoration and expansion by June 19th 2004
2004 (JUDICIARY) Baron Courts of Prestoungrange and Dolphinstoun used their final sessions at the Gothenburg as their Caput before abolition, providing Declarators and Judgements and Executions of Punishment in the Stocks - July 25th

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