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The Dean Tavern - A Gothenburg Experiment

Appendix 5

List of Local Events

1795 Newbattle Paper Mill began

1802 Road between Eskbank and Newtonloan opened

1805 Newtonloan Toll began

1831 Innocent Railway began - Mineral railway to Lingerwood began - First viaduct at Lothian Bridge built

1835 First colliery houses at Newton Grange built - New parish school at Crawlees built

1837 Strike at Newbattle Collieries (3 months)

1838 New pit at East Bryans opened

1839 Lingenvood pit rebuilt

1840 Newbattle Brick and Tile Works opened - First pit ponies used underground

1842 Colliery School began at Galadalehill

1846 Millhill House built

1847 Main railway line to Edinburgh opened - Dalhousie Station opened - New Viaduct at Lothian Bridge built

1849 Newton Grange Colliery Schools built

1861 Lingerwood Pit shaft deepened to 888 Feet

1870 Newton Grange House built

1871 Red Lion House built

1872 Six houses at St. Davids built

1873 Strike (7 weeks) - Newbattle Gasworks opened

1874 Abbey Granary built Romans's Building built First Free Church built

1875 Good Templar Lodge 'Lothian Star' began - Good Templar Hall built - Newtongrange Flower Show and Industrial Society began

1879 Newtongrange Lothian Cricket Club began

1880 Second Free Church building - Lothian Lodge of the Independent Order ot Scottish Mechanics began

1881 Cowden Grange built

1884 Newtongrange Colliery School extended

1886 Free Church Manse built

1890 Lothian Coal Company began - Newbattle Paper Mill closed

1892 Lothian Cycling Club began

1893 New-battle Public School opened - Newtongrange Colliery School closed - School at Crawlees closed - Lothian Halls began - Strike at Newbattle Collieries (9 weeks)

1894 Newbattle Paper Mill demolished - Strike at Newbattle Collieries (17 weeks) - Lothian Brass Band oegan

1895 Lady Victoria Pit opened - Newtongrange Star F.C. became a junior team

1896 Whitehall and Newbattle Building Company began - Newbattle and Dalkeith Golf Club began

1897 Abbey Inn began

1898 First houses built at Dean Park

1899 Dean Tavern built - First houses built at Monkswood

1902 Newtongrange Bowling Green opened - Newton House built - Newtongrange Ornithological Society began

1903 Newtongrange Star pavilion built

1904 Newtongrange Homing Society began

1906 Public park improved - New cricket pitch and pavilion opened - Reid's Buildings built - Arbuthnot Cottage built - Stewart's shop built

1907 Newbattle Public School extension built

1908 Newtongrange Station built - Dalhousie Station closed - Gorebridge Co-op Store built - Miniature Rifle Range built

1909 Saughs Cottages built - Masonic Lodge Newbattle St. Mary began - First nurse's cottage built - Newbattle Colliery Employees Nursing Association began

1910 Easthouses Mine opened - Bryans Pit closed - Women's Liberal Association began New Dean Tavern opened

1911 Y.W.C.A. began Band Hall built - Newtongrange Institute opened

1912 Strike at Newbattle Collieries (6 weeks) - Monkswood re-named

1913 Newtongrange Gala Day began - Newtongrange Cage Bird Fanciers Association begun

1914 The Square built - Addition to Newtongrange Institute built - Newtongrange St Andrews Ambulance Association began - First public phone Branch of Dalkeith Savings Bank opened

1915 Newtongrange Picture Palace - Ambulance Association began

1920 Newbattle Miners Welfare Committee began - Second nurse's cottage built

1921 Strike at Newbattle Collieries (3 months)

1922 Newtongrange Lawn Tennis Club began

1923 Last pit ponies underground

1924 Victoria Park and pavilion opened - Lothian Terrace built

1925 Easthouses Institute built - Newtongrange Primary School built

1926 Newtongrange Welfare Park opened - Strike at Newbattle Collieries (7 months)

1928 Newbattle Parish Council ended

1929 Free church building first used as Newtongrange Parish Church

1932 Back kitchens and baths put in houses

1933 Gardiner's Place (first council scheme) built - Allan's Garage began - Old Abbeyland demolished - First talkies at the picture house

1936 Galadean built

1937 Newbattle and District Welfare Pipe Band began - Newbattle District Council Offices opened - Newbattle Abbey College began

1939 Newtongrange Parish Church hall built - Newtongrange Juvenile Pipe Band began

1940 Masterton House demolished 1942 - Newtongrange Parish Church built

1945 Electric street lighting began

1946 Masonic Lodge bought old Free Church

1947 N.C.B. Vesting Day

1948 St Annes Roman Catholic Church began

1950 County Council took over Welfare Park - Welfare Pipe Band finished up Brickworks closed

1953 Esk Valley College began at Lingerwood - Pithead Baths built at Easthouses - Newbattle Institute ended

1954 Pithead Baths built at Newtongrange

1956 Gasworks closed

1960 Easthouses pit closed - Picture house closed

1962 Mainline railway closed to passengers - Dean Tavern extension built - New Bowling Green Pavilion built

1965 Newtongrange Library opened

1967 Lingerwood Pit closed

1969 Mainline railway closed to freight - Newbattle High School opened - Easthouses Mine closed - Esk Valley College moved to Eskbank - Newbattle Swimming Pool opened

1971 Dean Trust formed

1972 Strike at Lady Victoria Pit (8 weeks)

1974 Strike at Lady Victoria Pit (4 weeks)

1976 Newtongrange Community Council began

1981 Lady Victoria Pit closed

1983 St. Anne's Sheltered Housing built

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