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Global Tour Begins in Viking Country - in the footsteps of Edvard Grieg's ancestors

Exhibition opened by Tom-Christer Nilsen, Mayor of the county of Hordaland, Bergen, on March 17th.

Jenny & Ros of Helmsdale fame last week drove the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry all the way to Bergen from Prestonpans. 1700 miles in a white van - what are friends for one asks? Their story will be told at the next Friends' Update! Arran flew in to pole position, telling tales but of course Jenny and Ros know all about stitching Border Collies for Australia ...

Margaret Torbjørnsen, who led for the Bergen Scottish Society making all the on-the-ground arrangements, reports:

"Sorry that I haven't had time to give any feedback before now but Yes, The Opening went well! The people who were invited did enjoy themselves and we have already got glowing reports in our Visitors' Book. We were also delighted that we enrolled two new members of the Society yesterday - having been impressed at The Opening.

"The tapestries are simply wonderful, They can't be described ... they have to be seen. The Bergen Municipality resolved on Wednesday to put out a picture and report on their website so for that afternoon we were 'front page news' - see copy below or link HERE

"The people working in the reception area at the Town Hall also think that the exhibition is wonderful.... Visitors are coming to see the exhibition although no bus loads in as yet! The merchandise is popular and we are working at our staffing rota.

"Finally, a very big vote of thanks to Jennifer, Ros and Arran ..... quite an undertaking ...well done!

The photography in Bergen here is all by Bjarne Sutherland of the Bergen Scottish Society - many thanks.... CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGES

Published Date: March 20th 2015

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