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Community Council Gives 'Absolute Support' to Campaign to Save the Old Fowler's HQ

Democratic Process is indeed at work as Lidl wishes!

It was a firm, unanimous, conclusion that was reached on Tuesday January 15th 2008 at the democratic assembly of Prestonpans Community Council! A firmly worded letter to Lidl is due to follow from the Council. Iain Gray, East Lothian's MSP, who has already been in touch with Linda Fabiani MSP, the Minister responsible for Historic Scotland was present. Linda Fabiani has herself also been invited to visit the old Fowler's HQ by the Arts Festival.

Tom Ewing neatly summarised the situation and the community's feelings on the issue. 'You agreed not to demolish the old Fowler's HQ when you were granted permission to build your store in town. Its retention was a key element of the Design Solution you proposed. Do not give backword. More than that, do not treat Pans people as stupid and seek to blur the issue with proposals for yet more housing in place of the town's heritage'.

click on press cuttings to enlarge

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the community as Lidl's spokesman commented to East Lothian News that: "It is not a question of us saying this is what we are doing. It is a proposal and it is being considered."

Well that's certainly creates an opportunity for a start back in the right direction!

Competition with 250 of Prizes Launched for Alternative Development at Old Fowler's Site

And on cue the Arts Festival has launched a competition for youngsters and adults to suggest new design ideas for the existing old Fowler's HQ. Prizes are 100 for the best Under 16 and 150 fior the best 16 and over. Some ideas already on the table include a north/ south wing added offering recording studios for Pans Bands and Arts Workshops with a marina / restaurant running down to the shore in partnership with the boaters already active there. Such a development might well be jointly sponsored by Lidl and the Arts Festival community and could bring a host of shoppers to Lidl's doorstep from farther afield than the Pans. And the excellent Lidl car parking area is ideal for Sunday markets, even non-competitive Farmer's Markets.

Full details for competitors/ entrants are available from Gillian Hart/ Tom Ewing of the Prestoungrange arts Festival at The Goth, 227 High Street, Prestonpans EH32 9BE - phone 01875 819922

Published Date: January 25th 2008

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