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August 16th : Lidl Bottles Out with A No Show!

What No Lidl?

Not only have Lidl not taken care of the Old Fowler's HQ Office building in the Pans across their car park, but they are seemingly totally unable to find anyone in their entire executive or property development team or even their management team in their store 50 yards away able to unlock the doors and allow Historic Scotland access as they had agreed at 10 am today. They cancelled at the very last moment! [Intriguingly Lidl did however arrange most kindly to have the grass cut whilst the Protesters were assembled so somebody close by surely had a key to the rear door padlock all the time.]

Or did they have an inkling that some 20 or so Protesters had assembled to share their opinions with them and hopefully take a look around themselves?

click on images to enlarge

News of the inability to unlock a door amongst them all never reached the local community's Arts Festival leaders who spent an hour or two in the sunshine - collecting yet more supporters for the Arts Festival's campaign for the Community's Right to Buy

Strangely enough, they gave the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland the same run around in the Spring when they sought access for photographic detailing at the premises.

Arts Directorate of Prestoungrange Arts Festival with Three Harbours Festival

Published Date: August 16th 2007

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