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August 16th @ 10 am - Red Letter Day & Time for Fowler's Old HQ

Historic Scotland will be Making its Historic Visit - be there if you can!

The campaign of the Arts Festival thus far in their protest against any possible demolition of the Old Fowler's HQ [Coeval Building] in The Pans reaches its epi-moment on Thursday August 16th at 10 am.

That is when Historic Scotland's two Inspectors will be on site taking their own second look at the interior and exterior of the building. They have already heard [and listened to] the rising crescendo of argument in favour of the building's official Listing - from the Arts Festival's Directorate on July 24th whilst the Protest Demonstration and Paint-in was in full swing on site by those dubbed "misguided" by Lidl; in the mail and here at these websites in The Pans and across EH32.

Historic Scotland also know that East Lothian Council has been wholly in favour for several years now as has Prestonpans Community Council.

...and for action on the far side of successful listing on August 16th, the Arts Festival is already taking steps to secure the Community's Right To Buy under the Land Reform [Scotland] Act 2003!

One thing is for certain ... when the campaign succeeds with both Historic Scotland and the Right to Buy, the building will very quickly become home to the Prestoungrange and Three Harbours Arts Festivals as they continue their growing role in the community and to Fowler's Brewery once more - led there by third generation Fowler's brewing- family/ CAMRA acclaimed Craig Allan. There's a deeply refreshing thought!

click on press cuttings to enlarge

If you support the Arts Festival's campaign for Listing and can be there at 10 am, please come along to demonstrate your conviction.

Published Date: August 12th 2007

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