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4. 'Our' Lord Mayor Takes His 'Own' Tartan to Heart in Prestonpans

Tartan Finery First Order of Delight

Word had admittedly been out earlier but it was not until 11 am July 23rd that the Lord Mayor, Jorgen Linder and his family and friends set their eyes upon the sacred cloth of the new Goteborg Tartan. And they then received their formal certification from Keith Lumsden, Registrar and Keeper of the World Register of Tartans - pictured below:

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Lord Mayor Properly Dressed to meet East Lothian Provost Sheena Richardson at Civic Reception & Dinner at The Goth

By 7 for 7.30 pm July 23rd, the Lord Mayor and his family and friends were suitably attired in their kilts; and they stand beneath the brass plaque naming the room The Lord Mayor's Bar in honour of his visit on the same date [July 23rd] in 2003. And although it may have been the first time that Jorgen Linder, the Lord Mayor, had donned the tartan it will not be the last [...although he might never appear with Bonnie Prince Charlie again!] He tells that he has every intention of flaunting it back in Goteborg where more than a few descendant diasporic Scots regularly recall their homeland [and within 14 days the photograph below was received showing a kilted Jorgen Londer proudly wearing his Lord Mayor's Silver Chain with The Goetborg Badge at what he described as the "perfect moment" - a Swedish Golf Tournament.]

Published Date: July 31st 2007

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