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Boarding @ Home: Day 21/84: First Quarter Done ...three more to go?

Kippers for breakfast + Hovis with Marmalade + Coffee That started the day off after finishing Ann Cleeves' North Devon gay detective's debut and the leisurely reading of the Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph. Neil Ferguson of Stanford, not the eponymous epidemiologist at Imperial College, is carked [troubled] like me about our socioeconomic resurrection from lockdown. He's no barmicide, offering illusory feasts. To repeat though the good news is that we will have harbingers from Wuhan, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy and Spain . He's convinced it will be a slow recovery with all manner of sectoral variations. I'm particularly interested to devine when Marshals of Solihull will deliver my paid for Maserati spare parts to Merlin in Brackley. Not that I need a car on the road at present of course or even until June 16th! Lunch, after a nature walk where I captured our only black tulip with anemones whilst the sun still shone, was peanut butter and banana brioche with a nice ground black coffee; 'twas nearly the balance of Natasha's Mateus Rose but it was delayed till dinner - yes, that was pork as already announced with 2019 Vintage Lodge Apple and Redcurrant Jelly and Mr Rogerson's '1950s Yorkshire' Apple and Mustard Sauce as tracklements.

Grant Form filling for Barons' Courts maybe augur good news for Calum and Michelle at the Gothenburg. Time will tell but the Barons' Courts rateable value for The Prestoungrange Gothenburg at over 18K puts it into the category for a UK Government Coronavirus Grant of 25K. Because we are a charity we always get a most helpful Mandatory 80% reduction on Business Rates each year which might impact of the Grant received virtually all of which will certainly be passed on as Barons' Courts' grants for specifics to Calum and Michelle who trade at the pub as 'Wilson's Ales Limited'. Promise from ELC who are administering the scheme is answers within 14 days. Meantime Michelle continues doing her very best to get needed food support to known locals with children; she getting donations including Morrison's. All in the best traditions of a century of Gothenburg trading across Scotland; sincere congratulations.
I've been on today. Platelets deficiency calls for orange juice and I've placed an order; can't get less than 8 litres. But I've done better - I've ordered for delivery to Dunbar a personal copy for Sir Herbert Coutts of Steven Poole's A Word for Every Day of the Year. And in discussion with Avril we've resolved to publish a lexicon each quarter of his words I've taken for our Boarding @ Home Blog i.e. starting today. My other festination [hurrying along], the incursion here of Gaelic will still continue hereabouts without a palinode [recantation].
Next to the solo red tulip below it's our blackbird's nest in our beech hedge awaiting leaves before laying its eggs [Click to enlarge].

LEXICON Lockdown Days 1-21/84.
Absquatulate - abscond
Amaritude - bitterness
Auscultation - hearkening to, paying close attention
Backfriend - a friend who betrays
Barmicide - one who offers illusory feasts
Cark - worry or be troubled
Cynosure - guiding light
Edgelord - deliberately controversial
Elingued - speechless, tongue tied
Festinate - hurry something along, at pace
Froward - difficult
Illaqueate - ensnared
Jactance - boastful
Karass - like minded people
Mellifluous - deliciously sweet
Numinous - arousing strong spiritual commitment
Obganiate - irritate by repetition
Palinode - recantation of earlier opinions
Roynish - despicable
Scannel - vile, worthless voices
Sodality - love of fellows arising from conviction
Tarradiddle - prankish untruths

Published Date: April 12th 2020

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