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The Edingburgh Gazette

Rolls of the Chiefs and Heads of Territorial Houses (in continuation of the last published in The Edinburgh Gazette of 26th May 1998) in the Styles or Ordinary Names wherein they have been Officially Recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arm's matriculating for them Arms "of that description" (i.e. of the names on titles specified) in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.

  Name Date of Matriculation Volume and Page of Register
*Ross and Ross of Balnagowan David Campbell 1985
12th April
*McCann of Castlecraig Peter John 1996
14th May
#Schmalvogl, Baron of Newton Werner Robert 1997
25th September
*MacTavish of Dunardry Edward Stewart Dugald 30th December 82/36
Kirby, Baroness of Chirnside Ethel Patricia Hewitt 1998
5th May
#Reisinger, Baron of Inneryne Ronald Busch 22nd June 83/27
#*Clouston of Dunure Brendan Roy 22nd July 83/30
Riddell of Riddell, Bt Sir John Charles Buchanan 1st September 80/39
Johnstone of Westerhall, Bt Sir George Richard Douglas 4th September 76/96
Izat of Baillillesk Alexander John Rennie 25th September 83/40
#Bonifazi di Statte, Baron of Ardgour Giancarlo 6th November 82/14
*Stewart of Appin Andrew Francis 5th December 82/9
Macclean of Torloisk Richard Clephane Compton 21st December 83/46
#Crabbe, Baron of Fordyce Robert Ogilvie McVeigh 1999
14th January
#Welkowitz of Blackford, Baron of Blackford Richard 25th January 82/19
#Boot, Baron of Waughton Geoffrey George 18th March 82/27
#*Kerr of Westside, Baron of Newtongarry Gordon 8th April 82/28
*Armstrong of Byreburnfoot Fiona Kathryne 23rd April 83/60
#Prestoungrange, Baron of Prestoungrange Gordon Stanley Clifford Park Wills 22nd September 83/68
Miller of Cleish Simon Edward Callum 1st October 83/71
*Murray of Philiphaugh Ian Alexander Russel 20th October 80/58
*Ramsay of Kellie George Patrick Maule 2nd November 76/100
*Stewart of Stewartby Harold Charles 6th December 80/66
  1. * is added to those instances where the whole three words are used as the "ordinary name", or in the signature as they legally may be; but it is open to the Heads of any of the Houses concerned to add the designation as part of the name and by doing so regularly make those three words their "ordinary surname",

  2. # indicates that the Arms have been matriculated with chapeau in respect of being a Minor Baron

  3. the names and designations are in Scots law and practice used by:
    (a) The head of the family and his wife.
    (b) The eldest son and his wife, with the adjective "younger", and their eldest son.
    (c) The unmarried daughters, and unmarried daughters of the eldest son.

  4. The designations are not used by younger sons.
Mrs. C G W Road MVO, Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records (2301/3)
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