Battle of Prestonpans 1745


                   RE-ENACTMENTS & CELEBRATIONS IN 2014

During 2014 The Prestonpans Tapestry continued to tour with exhibitions in Cockenzie House before Easter, and spectacularly in Perth at St John's Kirk from June 11th/ July 27th and in Prestonpans itself during the September re-enactments at Prestongrange Museum and the Prestoungrange Gothenburg.   In late November it will be briefly exhibited in Oban.

During the year the Alan Breck Regiment will continue its School Visits on request including Battle Gaming.

The Regiment will present the Trust's 8th Annual Re-enactments at The Greenhills Prestonpans LINKED HERE September 19th/ 21st - Dragoons will be again be present at the re-enactments as they were in 2013. The Riggonhead Defile will, as is customary, be walked at dawn - with medals of achievement for those participating.

On Friday October 24th the Battle Trust will hold its 4th Biennial National Battlefield Symposium. Focus will be on collaboration with battle groups across East Lothian and the kingdom-wide Battlefields Trust UK. All welcome in Prestonpans Town Hall. Attendance is free but lunch is payable at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg. N.B. Much of the Battle Trust's energy has been focussed throughout the year to resist outrageous proposals to build on the so called National Inventory battle site. Inch Cape has proposed an electricity SubStation at an area likely to be burial grounds and a wide ranging plan from Scottish Enterprise would see the battlefield sandwich between two 24 hour industrial sites dubbed an Energy Park. The community at large is up in arms. In partnership with the Coastal Regeneration Alliance, the Trust is seeking to eliminate all impacts on the battlesite and its proper conservation and interpreation.The 4thSymposium is being arranged in association with Historic Scotland which has alas thus far declined to support our absolute rejection of construction on the battle site, arguing that it will be good for 'sustainable economic development'.


N.B. Photographic details of all re-enactments in previous years to 2013 are linked HERE and press reports appear below. Specific cameos taken from the battle can also be viewed at this LINK and every detail of The Prestonpans Tapestry is @



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2013 Battle Celebrations & Re-enactments

The year saw more than 3,000 attend the re-enactments in Edinburgh, Dunbar and Prestonpans during September 2013. The Alan Brecks made major contributions throughout the year at Prestonpans Tapestry exhibitions and scaling Arthur's Seat. As the Tapestry was exhibited in Bayeux bringing visitor numbers past 250,000 in October 2013, a full weekend of re-enactments and festivities was presented at Greenhills. Full details at it own websitelinked HERE

CLICK HERE for Proclaiming King James VIII on the Royal Mile

CLICK HERE for Cope's Landing @ Dunbar and his Council of War there

CLICK HERE for Occupation of Presatonpans and the Riggonhead Defile March @ Dawn

CLICK HERE for Encampment 2013 ... and the soldiers wqay of life

CLICK HERE for B&B at Pinkie House - 400th Anniversary Surprise

CLICK HERE for the Dragoons Canter and Fascinate

CLICK HERE for 'Let the Redcoats Run ...'

CLICK HERE for'... and then came the Highland Charge'


2012 Battle Celebrations & Re-enactments + Exhibition of Captain Clarke's Skull - August/ September

The year saw the continuation of the touring by the Battle Tapestry including 2 weeks in St Nazaire/ Pornichet and re-enactments nationally by the Alan Brecks including Edinburgh during The Fringe season. In September's annual re-enactments the skull of Captain Clarke of Hamilton's dragoons was exhibited at Prestongrange Museum.

CLICK HERE for Captain Clarke Revisits Prestonpans

CLICK HERE for Medals Won at 5AM on The Riggonhead Defile

CLICK HERE for The Prince Triumphant Again - this year at Greenhills

CLICK HERE for Redcoat Occupation of Prestonpans sees Glorious Sunset

CLICK HERE for Lord Provost Stewart makes a Fist of it but All Ends

CLICK HERE for the 3rd National Biennial Symposium on Scottish Battlefields: Gladsmuir?


2011 Battle Celebrations & Re-enactments  + Prestonpans Tapestry Touring - September/ October

The year saw the continuing touring of the Tapestry as reported at its own website linked HERE plus a fine new paintings exhibition and the annual re-enactments commencing in Haddington and Musselburgh with the full scale battle scenes in Cuthill Park on the Staurday and Sunday.

CLICK HERE for Haddington's St Mary's Draws the Crowds

CLICK HERE for Stunning Art Exhibition at The Gothenburg

CLICK HERE for Highlanders Cross the Esk and Peter MacKenzie leads his 12th Annual Battlefield Walk

CLICK HERE for Most Re-enactors Yet Drew the Crowds to Cuthill Park

CLICK HERE for Stone Masons' Royal Visitor Takes a Partial Look at the Tapestry

Battle of Prestonpans 1745 - Celebrations 2010 Battle Celebrations & Re-enactments + Prestonpans Tapestry on Tour - June/ September
The year saw an even greater pattern of celebrations and re-enactments! It began in June with the 2nd National Biennial Conference on Scotland's Battlefields and from July 26th/ September 26th saw the 104 metre Prestonpans Tapestry tour the Highlands and East Coast in the run up to the traditional September battle conflict. Two 'new' occasions were the Highlanders March from King's Park to Duddingston and the Landing of Cope's Redcoats at Dunbar. Cuthill Park once again hosted a weekend encampment, drills and battle conflict on both Saturday and Sunday.

CLICK HERE for 2nd National Biennial Conference on Scottish Battlefields
CLICK AT END HERE for details of the Prestonpans Tapestry TOUR [1]  / TAPESTRY URL [2] 
CLICK HERE for Eastothian Courier picture spread of Tapestry
CLICK HERE for the full September re-enactment Programme
CLICK HERE for East Lothian Courier pictures of Battle Re-enactments
CLICK HERE for Holyrood/ Duddingston March
CLICK HERE for Cope's Landing at Dunbar
CLICK HERE for Summary Press Coverage of the September Programme
CLICK AT END HERE for Riggonhead/ Battle / Encampment Scenes: PART 1PART 2 / PART 3

Celebrations 2009

2009 Battle Re-enactments, Cuthill, The Riggonhead Defile and Cockenzie House - September 18th / 19th
The 2009 annual re-enactments and events to mark the anniversary of the 1745 Battle of Prestonpans included Walking the Riggonhead Defile, the capture of Cockenzie House and the flight of the redcoats to Pittenweem from Morrison's Haven.

Celebrations 2008

2009 The Prince's Loyal Clans Exhibition - July 18th / 31st
As the Trust's contribution to The Homecoming, to coincide with The Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh July 25th/ 26th, an Exhibition was arranged that told of each clans role with the Prince at the Battle of Prestonpans September 21st 1745. A series of associated activities was provided and the Trust was delighted to welcome the Camerons from New Zealand for the re-enactment of the incident in Tranent churchyard on September 20th 1745.

Celebrations 2008

2008 East Lothian Courier - Reporting on the Battle of Prestonpans 263rd Anniversary Re-Enactment.
The East Lothian Courier reports on the successful 263rd anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Prestonpans on September 19th and 20th. This picture tale can be viewed by selecting the link below.

Battle Symposium

2008 Battle Re-enactments September 17th - 20th Edinburgh, Duddingston & Prestonpans
The schedule was carried forward in consultation with the host Regiments The Glenbuckets, 77th Montgomeries and Lace Wars. It began with the Proclamation of King James VIII at Edinburgh's Mercat Cross, continuingwith the Council of War at Duddingston, the March through the Riggonhead Defile, the mortal wounding of Colonel Gardiner at Bankyton House,the final moments of the battle in Cuthill Park and the redcoat escape from Morrison's Haven..

Battle Symposium

2008 Battle of Prestonpans Conference (Battle Symposium)
The 18th and 19th of September 2008 saw a 'Battle Symposium' taking place at Prestonpans Community Centre including the presentation of The Battle of Pots & Pans on the evening of 18th.  Cameo re-battle enactments were given on the 19th and 20th of September 2008 at Duddingston and in Prestonpans.

September 17th saw The Proclamation of King James VIII at the Edinburgh Merket Cross and a Reception and Exhibition at the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood.

2007 Battle of Prestonpans Anniversary Programme

2007 Battle of Prestonpans 262nd Anniversary Schedule
September 21st was the 262nd anniversary of the famous 1745 Battle of Prestopans - Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobite army's greatest victory!  View the anniversary programme for the event and celebration schedule @ Holyroodhouse Palace ,the Riggonhead Defile, Colonel Gardiner's Last skirmish and Cockenzie House.  The National Trust for Scotland also presented a lecture.

East Lothian Courier - Battle of Prestonpans Anniversary Article

2007 East Lothian Courier - The Battle of Prestonpans Anniversary Article
The East Lothian Courier reported on the up coming 262nd anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Prestonpans beginning on the 21st and ending on the 22nd September. The article is split over three pages and viewable via the links below.

East Lothian Courier - Battle of Prestonpans Anniversary Article

2007 East Lothian Courier - Reporting on the Battle of Prestonpans Anniversary Re-Enactment.
The East Lothian Courier reports on the successful 262nd anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Prestonpans over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd September. This article can be viewed by selecting the link below.

1995 Brochure Thumbnail

1995 Battle of Prestonpans - 250th Anniversary Souvenir Brochure
This re-enactment was presented by East Lothian District Council and organised by the District Library Services to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Prestonpans.

1995 Press Cutting

1995 Battle Press Cutting
Prestonpans '95 Local History Week article