Battle of Prestonpans 1745

The Lady Frances Gardiner's Lament

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The Lady Frances Gardiner’s Lament

A Battle of Prestonpans Song

Oh cam ye doon by Bankton Hoose
Whaur my fine James was slain?
And did ye see his Erse Dragoons
Flee cowardly frae the plain?

But I was safe in Stirling Keep
And lo’ed my mannie dear
Oh cam ye doon by Bankton Hoose
Whaur my man James was slain?

He never thocht his men wad fecht
And made that unco clear
Tho’ his pallor on the battle’s eve
Wis painted no by fear

My Colonel said:- “I’ll face them a’
Could I inspire my men!”
Yet on the morn they fled like hares
And wadnae stand again!

Yet I wis no at Bankton Hoose
On that dread day I fear
Tae see my fine auld Jamesie slain-
Oh how I lo’ed my Dear!