Battle of Prestonpans 1745

We The People’s Dream

We the People of Prestonpans, through the Prestonpans Community Council and the Prestoungrange Arts Festival, with the support of Prestonpans Historical Society, descendant Clan Chiefs and Hanoverian Representers, The Royal Stuart Society and the 1745 Association are determined to ensure a far better and always accessible interpretation and presentation of the Victory gained in our town by Bonnie Prince Charlie on September 21st 1745. It is a most significant element of Scotland’s heritage which is territorially in our stewardship.

We have accordingly held extensive consultations across the community with support from the Royal Society for the Arts [RSA] in Scotland since 2003 and taken careful note of the programme of Battlefield Walks offered each anniversary, the 250th Anniversary re-enactment in 1995 and the collection of artefacts assembled then, the restoration of Bankton House and the two monuments in place.

Ariel ViewWe have now established the Battle of Prestonpans [1745] Heritage Charitable Trust, committed to taking all necessary steps to achieve our goal.  And to secure national and international recognition and acceptance for our goal we have captured and published our Dream of what ‘could’ be. We do not suggest that each and every aspect should or must be implemented in any particular manner although we have in our Dream given what we consider to be excellent illustrations. We are embarking with national support on a major feasibility study inviting into our Dream Scottish people with far greater experience and professional skill at achieving our goals than we may have readily available.