Battle of Prestonpans 1745

Johnnie Cope (Key G)

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Cope sent a challenge frae Dunbar sayin’
Charlie meet me an’ ye daur
An’ I’ll learn you the art of war
If you’ll meet me in the mornin

Chorus: Hey Johnnie Cope are you wauking yet,
Or are your drums a- beating yet?
If you were wauking I would wait,
Tae gang tae The Coals in the morning

When Charlie looked the letter upon
He drew his sword the scabbard from
Come follow me, my merry men
And we’ll meet Johnnie Cope in the mornin

When Johnnie Cope he heard of this
He thought it wadna be amiss
Tae hae a horse in readiness
Tae flee awa’ in the mornin

Fy now, Johnnie, get up an’ rin
The Hieland bagpipes mak’ a din
It’s best tae sleep in a hale skin
For ‘twill be a bluidy mornin

When Johnnie Cope to Berwick came
They speared at him ‘Where’s a’ your men?
The deil confound me gin I ken
For I left the a in the mornin