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Our Witches Pardon Heard and Respected Across the Globe

World Media Honour Barons Courts' Pardon as Justice is Seen to be done - after 400 years

The Pardon granted July 27th 2004 to all 81 Witches of Prestonpans made headlines across the globe at Hallowe'en. Those who have been heard to observe in recent years that 'nothing much happens in the Pans' were once again confounded!

From CNN, World Service of the BBC and the Canadian Broacaster CBC to the New Zealand Sunday Herald, Florida Times and Seattle Times, the story first broken the previous week in the press by the Scottish Sunday Express and the Edinburgh Evening News spread like wildfire. And in each and every circumstance the Pardons were welcomed.

Back in the United Kingdom the Pardon also captured more headlines with Roy Pugh, author of The Deil's Ain telling further background evidence behind the decisons made by the Courts. He also gave the Keynote Address at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg on October 31st being just the first of the annual Remembrances of the Prestonpans Witches that will be held henceforth every Hallowe'en.

Click here to read the full text of Roy Pugh's keynote address


The solemn remembrance ceremony was held in the Thomas Nelson Suite. Fifteen indivduals who are descendant family members of the 81 witches, or their direct namesakes, attended and saw Roy Pugh lay a floral wreath in tribute beneath the commemorative Declarator of Pardon now on permanent display at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg. They each received fascimiles of the Pardon and after a minute's silence laid sprigs of rosemary, thyme, rosehips and lavender beneath the Declarator.

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Then they made their way to the Lord Mayor's Bar where pumpkin soup and casserole were served with the HeadBrewer's own Absolute Pardon Fowler's Ale.

The James Fewell Bar was also suitably decorated for the evening.

BBC TV, Radio Scotland, The Guardian, BBC 5 LIVE, The Sunday Post, BBC Ireland and more ...

A selection of the cuttings and clips from all the media are displayed here in further remembrance of the 81 individuals so cruelly put to death some 400 years ago in Prestonpans. Dolphinstoun, Prestoungrange, Montjoyes Adele Conn and Kristine Cunningham all joined Roy Pugh giving interviews and comments to make absolutely sure the whole world knew that the "the 81 Witches of Prestonpans had truly been pardoned and will be forever remembered".

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New Zealand Herald and the Daily Record

Click here to read the editorial

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Published Date: October 31st 2004

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