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Barons of Prestoungrange & of Dolphinstoun*

The Heraldic Pedigree of The Barons was prepared by the Chairman of the Scottish Heraldry Society, Pete Drummond Murray of Masterick, Slains Pursuivant of Arms.

1st : 7th April 1576 Queen Mary (Mary Queen of Scots) appointed Mark Kerr as Commendator of the lands of the Monks of Newbattle who had held since 1189. d 1584
2nd : Mark Ker Yr, created Earl of Lothian 1606, d 1609 Charter confirmed by James VI in 1587
3rd : Robert Ker, 2nd Earl of Lothian, d 1624
4th : Alexander Morrison, acquired from 2nd Earl of Lothian on June 11th 1622, created Lord Prestoungrange 1626, d 1631
5th : Alexander Morrison Yr, d 1684
6th : William Morrison* d 1739
7th : acquired in 1745 by William Grant*, d 1764
8th : Janet*, Countess of Hyndford, married ( nee Grant ) John, 4th Earl of Hyndford 16th January, 1748 d 1818
9th : James (Grant) Suttie*, 4th Baronet, d 1836
10th : George Grant Suttie*, 5th Baronet, d 1878
11th : James Grant Suttie*, 6th Baronet, d 1878
12th : George Grant Suttie*, 7th Baronet, d 1947
13th : George Phillip Grant Suttie*, 8th Baronet, d 1997
14th : acquired in 1998 by Gordon ( Park Wills ) Prestoungrange* Dolphinstoun gifted in 2000 to Julian Wills*
15th : designate Mathew Wills Yr of Prestoungrange

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