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Coull Art Exhibition from 2004/ 2005 Burriss Bursary Winner

June Coull Art Exhibition Looks to be a 'Sell Out'

Surely no artists can ever wish to be judged solely by the saleability of their work, and June Coull is doubtless no exception. But she is well pleased that most of the paintings she created during her 12 months tenure as inaugural Burriss Bursary winner at the Prestoungrange Arts Festival have already found their way into private collections - and in so doing contributed to the future funding of the Arts Festival. They are on display at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg from July 4th/ 17th.

The paintings speak for themselves and are shown here below:

Click to enlarge all images

June Coull is sister to Willie Coull, the late well known Prestonpans artist. She had never painted herself until a few years ago when she joined the Arts Festival's Arts Classes run by Andrew Crummy and Tom Ewing at the Cockenzie Centre. She soon discovered she has great talent, and a matching passion for painting.

Published Date: July 4th 2005

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