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July 23rd 2003

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That's More Like It ... Saltires Galore ... but wait a moment ....

Sign of the times as you enter East Lothian

Congratulations are surely appropriate for the graphic design work from ELC that now greets us as we arrive back in our county - or as new visitors join us.

click cuttings to enlarge

But surely it cannot be from the same stable so to speak which resolved to celebrate the twinning of the PL Catchment area especially Prestonpans with Tuscany's Barga just two weeks ago. That puny effort left the message to Drive Carefully as the only thing you're likley to read as you enter town!

Pity that, because all those who have been to Barga know what a wondrous spot it really is and perhaps more to the point, that it proclaims it's actually gemellato con East Lothian which of course is not the case! And if you click to enlarge bottom right below you'll see it has that auld county logo.

Now there's a puzzle or is it two ...

Best advice? Keep Driving Carefully .... and all will be well?

Published Date: February 20th 2009

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