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July 23rd 2003

Goteborg, Sweden



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Burriss Bursary Winners' Art appears on House Wines at The Goth ....

Burriss Winners' Artworks as Souvenirs

A selection of Burriss Winners' artworks will feature on House Wines at The Goth in the coming months and to give a taste of what you can expect the first four are shown below.

click on images to enlarge

This year's 2006/ 2007 Burriss Winner was Pat Fox and his collection of new paintings will be on show from Monday July 23rd at 11 am - officially opened at 11.30am by Jorgen Linder, Lord Mayor of Gothenburg. They will also be on show for the balance of the week in the James Park Bistro.

Past Winners will also be exhibiting as will others who won Burrisss and associated arts awards for the period 2006/ 2008 such as Jane Innes-Campbell, Carole Melrose / Shona McMillan and Gardner Molloy whose work comes to fruition for The Gothenburg's Centenary in July 2008.

P.S. Until end August...

The Gothenburg is running a pre-Centenary Celebration of the Arts Works House Wines for 500++ GothMembers. The voucher worth 10 under conditions stated thereon is available from The Goth on Tuesday nights whilst stocks last or can be downloaded here. Simply enlarge the image and print it out. If you attend to the conditions you will enjoy an even better night at the Goth or one of the enviable Sunday lunches. Its currency is from the arrival of the labelled House Wines which will be no later than Thursday July 19th when Pat Fox gives a Private Viewing of his 2007 Burriss Bursary Paintings in the James Park Bistro.

click to enlarge, print out and take to The Goth to redeem

Published Date: June 26th 2007

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