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July 23rd 2003

Goteborg, Sweden



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Wishful Thinking in Goteborg

The Lord Mayor's visit on July 23rd to Prestonpans is still making news in Sweden - with wishful thinking that their own local pubs there might contribute to The City's culture too as we do at Scottish Goths!

Jorgen Linder kindly translated as below:

The Lord Mayor of our City, Jorgen Linder, became something like a guest of honour at a pub in Scotland last summer, with an own sign put on the wall in the pub. Together with Lady Mayoress Lisbeth he re-opened a pub, which they visited during their private holiday; the Prestoungrange Gothenburg Pub. The couple handed over among other things, a Goteborg flag and a plaque of the City shield.

There are still a number of pubs in Scotland called "Gothenburg Pubs". The name comes from a time when the Scots imported this idea from our City. It means that a pub must give a percentage of its profits for cultural purposes.

If it was still like that today, maybe Bryggeriet, Jamesons and Dubliners (i.e. some popular pubs in Gothenburg) and other "pint-dealers" could give a small contribution to our local culture.

Published Date: October 25th 2003

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