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Diaspora Tapestry heads for Westminster Hall London on its return from Canada: March 20th / April 29th 2017

So, Westminster Hall it shall be!

We've now had official confirmation from Black Rod at Westminster that the first exhibition back in the UK of the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry will be in Westminster Hall, from 20 March to 29 April 2017. Before then it's still got to be seen and enjoyed by Canadians in New Glasgow, Montreal for St Andrew's and Ottawa for Hogmanay and Burns ... and Yes, by Icelanders in February en route home.

Detailed planning for Westminster gets under way in the New Year and all Friends of the Tapestries will be asked if they can help the London hosts, The Crown Court Church of Scotland there. There are more than a few English panels of course in the Diaspora Tapestry but the Crown Court Church and #10's Scottish Prime Ministers are the Londoners!

click on panels to enlarge

There's no publicity to be shown yet awhile but we know we are looking for volunteers nationwide who might have family and friends/ diaspora even, close to London who could offer support and meet and discuss the tapestry with its expected 3000 footfall/ potential visitors per day for 6 weeks, that's not far off 100,000!

We'll be circulating all the Friends in the coming weeks to see how diaries look ...

Published Date: October 24th 2016

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