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Toronto Honours Telford ... 'Menai Straits Bridge' Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition Readies .. ...

A Saw Mill in the Family means Scarborough Exhibition Honours Telford!

Vive la difference!

Tapestry tours are full of surprises. Ask Jenny Bruce who's been in Australia/ NZ & Canada since October 2016 on the road ... or Arran Johnston & Sharon Beck who led all the UK and Western European Tours in 2014/ 2015. But Toronto at Scarborough's St Andrew's Church was always going to be different. Key link was a University Professor of Engineering and his father ran a saw mill. So they resolved to display the tapestry from the famous Telford Bridge across the Menai Straits. Construction necessarily got under way early in September, with a not inconsiderable crew, for the planned Opening on September 19th!

Thomas Telford panel was stitched by Edna Barker from Bradford.

Thomas Telford (1757-1834) is one of Scotlands greatest engineers, famed as a road, canal and bridge builder. He was born in Dumfriesshire and became an apprentice stonemason aged 14. He moved to Shropshire where he built a bridge to carry the London to Holyhead road, the first of many in the county which secured his reputation. Future projects included designing and building the Ellesmere Canal, the Menai Suspension Bridge (1819-26), and even the Gta Canal in Gothenburg, Sweden. In lowland Scotland alone he was responsible for 184 miles of new road construction. For such feats Telford was dubbed the Colossus of Roads.

Tmas Telford
Is e Tmas Telford (17571834) aon den hinnleadairean as cliitiche a bh ann an Alba, ainmeil airson togail rathaidean, claisean-uisge agus drochaidean. Rugadh e ann an Siorrachd Dhn Phris agus bha e na phreantas clachaireachd aig aois 14. Ghluais e a Shropshire far an do thog e drochaid airson an rathaid eadar Lunnainn agus Holyhead, a chiad fhear de mhran anns an tsiorrachd s na choisinn e cli. Am measg phriseactan eile s didh sin, bha dealbhadh agus togail Clais-uisge Ellesmere, Drochaid Chrochaidh Menai (181926), agus fi Claisuisge Gta ann an Gothenburg san t-Suain. Ann an Galltachd na h-Alba leis fhin, bha e an urra ri 184 mltean de thogail rathaid r. Airson gnomhan den t-sersa sin, fhuair Telford an tiotal neo-oifigeil the Colossus of Roads.

Published Date: September 12th 2016

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