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June 13th/ July 3rd ... Diaspora Tapestry in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hosted now by the Scottish Heritage Council of Manitoba ... the tapestry begins its journey across Canada after successful landfall in Victoria BC

The role of the Scots in the foundation of the city of Winnipeg and the Hudson Bay Company is a profound one depicted in CA 19* below.

Seven of Canada's 36 panels were stitched in Winnipeg - although just two are shown here. The other five and the balance of all 304 panels from 34 nations across the globe are on display at Manitoba Legislature, Winnipeg, from June 13th/ July 3rd, hosted by the Scottish Heritage Council of Manitoba.

These exhibition dates include not only Canada Day itself but also the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Seven Oaks on June 19th depicted in CA 23** below!


*CA19: Fur Traders/ First Nations Wives
Stitchers: Anne Morrison, Joan Curle, Lorraine Iverach, Shelley McFadyen, Catherine (Kit) Gates, Judy Boatman (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

In 1670 the Hudson's Bay Company located their headquarters at York Factory on the shores of Hudson Bay. Initial employees were recruited from England and Ireland, but in 1702 they started recruiting at Stromness, Orkney. These men became the first Scots in Western Canada, forming three-quarters of the Hudsons Bays workforce by the late 1700's. They were paid 68 per year and served approximately 5 years, with several becoming officers. Many decided to stay in Canada, marrying First Nations women who provided an important link between the two cultures, acting as translators, sewing clothing, preparing food and providing companionship.

*CA19: Malairt Bine/Mnathan nan Ciad Niseanan
Ann an 1670, stidhich Companaidh Bgh Hudson am promh thogalach ann am Factaraidh Iorc air cladaichean Bgh Hudson. Bha na ciad oibrichean air an trusadh Sasainn agus irinn, ach ann an 1702 thisich iad a trusadh ann an tSrm Nis ann an Arcaibh. B iad sin na ciad Albannaich ann an Canada an Iar agus aig deireadh na 1700an, bha iad a danamh suas trchairteal de sgioba-obrach Bhgh Hudson. Bha iad pighte 68 sa bhliadhna agus a frithealadh timcheall air 5 bliadhna, le cuid aca nan oifigearan. Cho-dhin mran dhiubh fuireach ann an Canada, a psadh mnathan Ciad Niseanan a bha a solarachadh ceangal cudromach eadar an d chultar, mar eadartheangairean, a fuaigheal aodaich, ag ullachadh bidhe agus a solarachadh companas.

**CA 23: Battle of Seven Oaks
Stitchers: Lorraine Iverach, Kathy Smith, Barbara Hjelte, Nicole Collette, Shelley McFadyen, Catherine (Kit) Gates, Patricia Stagg, Judy Boatman, Shirley Forsyth, Carol Ann Coish

The Hudson's Bay and North West Companies struggled for control of the fur trade in the Red River Valley, their rivalry exacerbated by the Selkirk Settlers. Hudsons Bay supported the settlement and food supplies they could eventually offer. North West opposed the settlement along with the Mtis who feared farming could interfere with hunting and the pemmican (dried bison meat) trade. Frictions escalated when exportation of pemmican was banned to provide food for the struggling settlers. During the Battle of Seven Oaks (1816), 21 settlers led by Governor Semple were killed during a confrontation with Nor' Westers and Mtis hunters led by Cuthbert Grant.

**CA23 Blr Seven Oaks
Bha Companaidhean Bgh Hudson agus an Iar Thuath a str an aghaidh a chile airson smachd fhaighinn air malairt nam bian ann an Gleann Abhainn Dheirg; an fharpais eatarra air a dhanamh nas miosa le luchd-tuineachaidh Sailcirc. Bha Bgh Hudson a cur taic ris an tuineachadh agus an solar bidhe a b urrainn dhaibh a thairgsinn aig a cheann thall. Bha an Iar Thuath an aghaidh an tuineachaidh cmhla ri muinntir Mtis air an robh eagal gun tigeadh tuathanachas san rathad air sealg agus malairt a phemmican (feil Buabhaill thiormaichte). Dhfhs am buaireadh na bu mhiosa nuair a chaidh casg a chur air s-mhalairt air pemmican gus biadh a sholarachadh don luchd-tuineachaidh a bha a str ri bith-be. Aig Blr Seven Oaks (1816), chaidh 21 neach-tuineachaidh air an stiireadh leis an Riaghladair Semple, a mharbhadh ann an cmhrag le muinntir an Iar Thuath agus sealgairean Mtis air an stiireadh le Cuthbert Grant.

Published Date: June 7th 2016

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