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Thank you to all who've written to say Thank You

Indeed, thank you all! Tapadh leibh uile!

The good news is that all Lead Stitchers' posted copies of the Official Guide to the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry are now safely in their hands. And we've been receiving many a delighted Thank You by email, letter and notelet.

Many have been greatly pleased to see the Gaelic used as well, not mostly because they speak or read the language but because they approve of our campaign in The Pans to give it greater saliency.

It's of course invidious to single out any particular message of thanks but since the Editor here spent 18 years in Queensland Australia a notelet from there had especial relevance!

... 'words simply can't express' ...

... Claire writes from Ferny Hills, 'my gratitude for this truly beautiful book on the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry. It is magnificent and will be a treasured item of our family.

'It was an honour to be able to stitch these panels and participate in such a rewarding and interesting project. Your organisation, amazing artistic ability and the vision to complete such a worthwhile project has given immense pleasure to many people throughout the world.

'I am sure it will continue to draw people closer together and you are to be congratulated for your part in this wonderful venture.

'Thank you for this magnificent book and the memories it holds.'

... and that's just the book!

By which we mean, the book can be a beautiful souvenir but seeing the tapestry in all its embroidered glory is truly believing. And that's why we are touring back as much as we are able to the diaspora which stitched it for us and gave this artwork light.

It's destined in August for Barga, Tuscany then September in Picinisco and October in Paris. Then we are off to Australia to visit Goolwa, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Albury, Sydney and Brisbane before crossing the Tasman to Otago by Easter 2016. Then it's the US & Canada before coming back to the UK for Christmas 2016. Details will be published as they firm up on the Diaspora website @

P.S. If you want more copies of the book, or Rosemary Farmer & Maggie Ferguson's accompanying Art of Narrative Embroidery they are both available at the Boutique linked HERE with the Stitchers' discount available until August 31st 2015.

Published Date: July 17th 2015

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