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Pumpkins Needed .. Competition Winners Headed for Paris!

Hallowe'en Needs Pumpkins Panners invited to Compete

Hallowe'en as all Panners know is an occasion to remember the 81 Witches put to death and eventually pardonned, as well as having some seasonal fun.

Chef Andrew Lawrie makes a pumpkin soup to die for as GothBistro afficionados will attest [and a few at launch are shown here well satisfied]. But more pumpkins yet are needed to display and decorate The Prestoungrange Gothenburg. So a competition has been launched to find two winners by the criteria below who grow their produce in Prestonpans and Vicinity:

1. The pumkin with the longest circumference; and

2. The most 'beautiful' pumpkin as adjudged by Horticultural guru Jim Forster and Lady Prestoungrange.

Rules is Rules

All competitions must have Prizes and Rules. The Prizes are Weekend Trips to Paris and the Rules are linked here.

In house seminars on pumpkin growing and caring will be offered which shall include pumpkin soup tasting and pumkin ice cream making sessions. And more no doubt!

And the closing date is 20th October 2006

Published Date: April 9th 2006

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