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Which Stitches? How 'our' stitchers rose to the challenges of wigs, facial expressions, landscapes and much more ...

Popular demand/curiosity led to this forthcoming new illustrated book ... created by volunteer stitchers themselves!

... and the reason we are foretelling its publication later this year is to invite any/ all comments & suggestions ....

The book will be based on a trawl through the two brilliant tapestries created in/ for Prestonpans since 2010 - The Prestonpans Tapestry telling the tale of Bonnie Prince Charlie's Victory in 1745, and The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry telling the tales of Scots who migrated around the world.

Both were designed by Andrew Crummy of course but neither he nor the Arts Festival in Prestonpans specified what stitches should be used [as for example the Quaker Tapestry did]. We left the stitches chosen to the stitchers and not surprisingly there have been all sorts of outcomes. The stitching took place not only across Scotland but in France, the USA, Canada, Australia ... and a further 25 countries.

So, step forward stitchers Rosemary Farmer and Margaret Ferguson. Together they've decided to explore just what intriguing solutions stitchers arrived at and to illustrate them in a new book for all who face similar challenges. Up to 6 close ups of stitched work will be given under each major heading.

These exampled section headings already give a clue as to what can be expected!

APPAREL - e.g. Shoes, hats, wigs, hair, ball gowns ...

BUILDINGS - e.g. roofing, windows, walls

PEOPLE - e.g. eyes, facial expressions, hands

LANDSCAPES - e.g. fields, rivers, stones, trees

Your own comments/ suggestions for section headings please to Rosemary and/ or Margaret @ or

Published Date: June 23rd 2014

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