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Hosting the Global Mural Conference

The biennial Global Mural Conference is the exclusive property of the Global Mural, Arts and Cultural Tourism Association, convened under the patronage of the Founder Dr Karl Schutz who continues to invest his time on an honorary basis along with a management team composed of elected members. Sessional Presidents are appointed after each Global Conference and Dr Gordon Prestoungrange, Baron of Presatoungrange, is serving 2012/ 2014.

The Mission Statement is: To market and publicize the abundant wealth of artists, towns and cultural events around the Globe... making this world a better place for all to live in.

It must be clearly understood that the Conference will be managed by the host city in cooperation with the guidance of the Founder and Sessional President of the GMACTA.

The successful bidder must be prepared to underwrite all costs incurred to hold an orientation meeting with the Founder or Sessional President, hereafter called the Coach & Facilitator, or a appointed official of the organization's conference committee not later than 90 days following announcement of the City and the host organization.

The time of the Coach / facilitator is sponsored by the GMACTA but it is the responsibility of the host city to meet the reasonable travel expenses, food, and accommodations involved. Normally, the orientation trip will involve about three days.

The host organization must also be prepared to introduce the GMACTA Coach / facilitator to all the assets of the host city and assist him/her in becoming a good ambassador for the host organization.

In addition, a mini conference facility must be made available to accommodate the conference management team during the orientation sessions as well as a free table for display during the conference.

The host organization agrees not to assess conference fees to the Founder or Sessional Presaident of the GMACTA.


  1. Bids will only be accepted from member organizations of the Global Mural, Arts, and Cultural Tourism Association in good standing.
  2. Preliminary notice of intent to submit a bid to host the next following biennial 'Global Mural Conference' must be received by the GMACTA as soon as possible, but never later than six months before the immediately upcoming Conference. Invitations to bid formally on the conference will be e-mailed to interested organisations not later than 5 months before the next conference.
  3. The bidding host city must have at least 6 completed murals on the date the bid is submitted.
  4. The host city must have a conference facility which will comfortably accommodate up to 150 delegates. A downtown conference facility is preferred.
  5. Conference facility must be within walking distance of the city's primary lodging facilities. Preferably to be one and the same.
  6. The host organization must have the support of city government, chamber of commerce, and tourist organizations within the city.
  7. The group must assure the financial capability of hosting the conference by way of written guarantee of co-hosts or supporting agencies.
  8. The host organization must guarantee to hold the GMACTA harmless from any deficit or liability.
  9. To be awarded the privilege of holding the conference, the host organization must agree to use the official logo of the GMACTA on all stationery, signage and other publicity without exception. The official logo of the GMACTA must not be modified in any way.
  10. The conference is to be structured on an entrepreneurial model and the host organization should budget for a realistic profit.
  11. The host city/organization must be able to secure their own funding, open a separate conference bank account, and agree to share all the financial information of this account with GMACTA.
  12. The host organization agrees to submit a complete financial statement to the GMACTA following the conference closing ceremonies.


  1. After the closing date for accepting bids to hold the conference, the review committee will prepare a short list of not more than three candidates which meet the criteria shown above.
  2. These candidates will each be invited to make a 20 minute presentation to the Board of Directors, and all Members present, of the GMACTA on the opening date of the biennial conference.
  3. Following the presentations, the Board will hold an election by secret ballot of all Members present, or show of hands if there is only one bid.
  4. The number of votes cast for each candidate in any ballot will not be made public.