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Austin Desparadas Fluff a Robbery

Cash Tilley, Gatemouth Lizzy and Tequilla Kate show mercy in Ely

As an integral part of their fund raising for widows and orphans in Ely it appears they work with a band of Desparadas with the pseudonyms above who all hail from Austin. At the 5th Annual Conference they resolved to attempt to rob the Baron of Prestoungrange but when Lady Avril confessed she had spent all the wealth he was supposed to possess [on the Prestoungrange Arts Festival and the Gothenburg?] they showed mercy.

In fact they did better than that .. they presented an historic clay pipe etched Glasgow Scotland which were used by the copper miners in the area - who always prefered their Scottish pipe. That pipe [pictured here with a fine shell] has now found its way back to The Prestoungrange Gothenburg along with the Proclamation of a safe 'stagecoach passage' across Old Nevada.

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Published Date: August 24th 2004

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