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Battle of Trafalgar a Long Ago Victory

Let it never be said that The Gothenburg is the first Clan essay into running serious hospitality facilities. Not at all.

Prestoungrange's maternal cousin Audrey Park and her late husband Don Hughes long ago took the plunge and managed the Battle of Trafalgar just out with Brighton Station. It is pictured below in a fine drawing by one of Audrey's customers as are her own son-in-law Chris and grandson Jamie in the New England football strip although they say the phone has still not rung yet for the bench at the next match.

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The other pictures show Anne Wills and Lady Prestoungrange arriving at Audrey Hughes home in Lancing and later the latter comparing notes with Audrey about the strawberry meringues - no Devos there.

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The final picture shows Anne with Dorothy Frost who lives at Windsor in Weston Favell and who attended the Chemainus Burns Night earlier in 2003. And there were Devos at Dorothy's for tea!

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Published Date: June 20th 2003

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