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Host to 44 Nations and the Tatoo

Baron Courts was delighted to host the second major group of visitors from our associated activities around the globe. Last time it was Burke's Landed Gentry in Scotland's launch at the Industrial Heritage Museum; this time it was Graduation at Wintoun House and Fringe Workshops at The Hall in Cockenzie Centre.

Many thanks go to Jane Bonnar and Anne Taylor for making all the fringe arrangements. Some 50 Faculty Members from IMCA/University of Action Learning were in town for Common Academic and Professional Review Day and Board meetings. Faculty were with us from New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, the USA, South Africa, Holland, Finland, Ireland and the UK representing most of the 44 countries where IMCA/UALB programs have run over the past 20 years.

Sir Francis Ogilvy did the honours at the Graduation Dinner reading Burns' and the pipers piped well and long. The lawns at Wintoun were a splendid spot for the Saturday Congregation marquee and for luncheon and afterwards for more than 100 guests.

The pictures below give some flavour to a great week with so many international friends. And for the finale it was off to the Edinburgh Tatoo without a trace of rain.

Published Date: August 21st 2002

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