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Goth @ The Pennypit all set to launch

Goth Bistro and Bar Franchise at The Pennypit

The Prestoungrange Gothenburg's success in East Lothian has given it the opportunity to gain the catering franchise at the new Pennypit Centre which opens in the coming weeks. Built with EU and East Lothian funding it is the crowning achievement of the Pennypit Development Trust established in 1993 to provide excellent facilities for the community.

The Goth @ The Pennypit, as it will be known, will set the same standards as at our home base, and GothPoints will be available for all appropriate purchases. It will also provide excellent additional scope for functions and events when The Prestoungrange Gothenburg itself is fully booked - which we are 'pleased' to say is rapidly becoming the case.

The local press were divided on how much has been invested but whether it was 1.3m or 1.5m it is certainly a fine new facility for the community and we are very happy to have been invited to play our part in ensuring its success.

P.S. Be sure to note as reported below that there is a wide range of services on offer including a creche, IT classes and an after school area.

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Published Date: October 1st 2006

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