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Blindwells Honours the Riggonhead Defile ...

More development but Hargreaves promises to keep the flag flying for the Prince!

It's been gratifying for the Battle Trust to be able to hold discussions with Hargreaves, the developers for the Blindwells site that includes the iconic heritage route, The Riggonhead Defile. We've been walking it each year since the Trust's foundation in 2006 and have promises that we can keep up that heritage well after the extensive new housing is developed.

Hargreaves have already included a Prince's Park and Prince's Loch. The Riggonhead Farm is to be honoured too as well as the route the Highlanders followed at 5am on September 21st 1745. And of course the Trust is hopeful the new community will take the name Charlestoun in place of what it perceives as the less than elegant Blindwells.

The East Lothian Courier carried details of the latest proposals on the same day Trustees met with Hargreaves Project Leader Iain Slater.

Published Date: August 4th 2015

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